A large number of car accidents happen late at night

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2019 | Car Accidents

Ohio’s roadways look different after dark. When other factors such as weather, fatigue, distraction or drunkenness are added to the mix, the roads can be quite dangerous. For these reasons, numerous car accidents tend to happen during the overnight hours.

At last report, investigators were still determining the cause of a deadly crash that occurred shortly after 2 a.m. on a recent Friday morning. When troopers with the Ohio State Highway Patrol arrived at the scene, they discovered the wreckage of only one vehicle. Preliminary reports indicate that the vehicle traveled through the oncoming lane of travel, went off the road, struck the median and flipped.

The impact ejected a 19-year-old passenger who died from the injuries suffered in the impact. Two other passengers’ injuries were severe enough to require a trip via helicopter to the hospital directly from the scene. Two others originally went to an area hospital and were then flown to another due to the nature and extent of their injuries. The 19-year-old driver and the last passenger suffered injuries for which medical personnel treated them and then let them leave.

It could be a while before investigators know what caused the crash. As they do their work, the family of the deceased passenger and the others who suffered serious injuries could exercise the right to file wrongful death or personal injury claims, as applicable. The victims and their families could pursue restitution for the financial and other losses that typically occur in late night or early morning car accidents.


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