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Could an older Ohio home cause asbestos exposure?

Ohio homeowners who want to renovate their homes may want to use caution. Older homes here in the state could present a danger to them that they may not be aware of until it’s too late. There was a time when a toxic material played a significant role in the construction of homes, and disturbing those materials could lead to asbestos exposure.

The naturally occurring substance called asbestos was widely used in floor tiles and other products. It may also be in the insulation for attics, hot water pipes, walls and furnaces, among other things. Experts say the material is harmless until disturbed. A renovation project could easily stir up dust and fibers that may cause asbestos-related illnesses when ingested or inhaled.

The majority of homes in which asbestos could present a health risk if disturbed were built prior to 1990. Homeowners wanting to do some renovation may think that doing it themselves could save money. While that might be true, it could also be dangerous. It might be a good idea to have an inspection done prior to disturbing any potential asbestos-laden products. Once the dust and fibers are airborne, it could be too late to prevent harmful exposure.

These days, the average individual would only suffer from asbestos exposure during the demolition and/or renovation of an older building. News articles tell stories of schools and other older buildings here in Ohio and elsewhere that required evacuation due to this potentially deadly substance, but its presence in people’s homes does not get the attention it deserves. Homeowners who suspect they may have asbestos in their homes need to tread carefully in order to avoid exposure.


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