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Using J&J Baby Powder may result in asbestos exposure

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2019 | Asbestos Exposure & Claims

That statement may seem a bit late in the game to Ohio consumers considering the fact that Johnson & Johnson faces a multitude of lawsuits due to allegations that a toxic material in its baby powder causes cancer. The company has vehemently denied these allegations. However, those claims may receive some credence due to the fact that J&J recently announced the recall of some of its bottles of baby powder due to the potential for asbestos exposure by consumers.

After continuous statements that the company’s baby powder does not contain any asbestos at all, it is a bit disconcerting that the company is now recalling 33,000 22-ounce bottles of the product because they may contain asbestos. The recall was initiated after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration found trace amounts of the human carcinogen in one bottle. The company has not recalled its baby powder until this point over concerns that the product may contain asbestos.

In fact, a representative for J&J stated that testing in the past has never found the toxic material in its baby powder. The company’s representative went on to say that the amount of asbestos found was considered minuscule and an investigation is underway to determine how it got into the product at all. The FDA is participating in that inquiry.

In the meantime, consumers who purchased bottles of J&J Baby Powder subject to the recall should stop using it immediately. Since the results of asbestos exposure may not appear for decades, it can be difficult to pursue restitution. For this reason, it may work better to work with an Ohio attorney experienced in asbestos litigation.


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