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Did the FDA miss the potential harm from ranitidine?

Numerous countries decided to simply discontinue the manufacturing, distribution and selling of Zantac and its generic equivalents off the market. Here in the United States, the Food and Drug Administration decided to continue testing and determining how nitrosodimethylamine, popularly known as NDMA, forms in the medication. In the meantime, consumers here in Ohio and elsewhere may be wondering whether they will suffer harm from ranitidine.

The recalls of this medication, beginning with Zantac, began after an online laboratory and pharmacy called Valisure found the carcinogen in this and other brands of the popular acid reliever. Valisure then alerted the FA to the problem. The agency then announced the presence of unacceptable levels of NDMA in ranitidine products in September.

For anyone wondering, this is the same potentially cancer-causing substance found in the blood pressure medications also removed from the market since July 2018. NDMA's presence in ranitidine appears to be a more serious issue since it has more to do with the stability of the medication than a manufacturing process, which is the case in the blood pressure medications. To make matters worse, as far back as the 1980s, studies indicated its presence in the acid reliever.

Few people could blame consumers here in Ohio and elsewhere who wonder whether their health will suffer harm from ranitidine. Some people have taken this medication daily for years, and it could take years to know whether they could end up with cancer from its use. For those who took this medication regularly and have cancer, it may be worth looking into whether there is a connection between the two. If so, exploring any possible legal options may be worthwhile.

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