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Failure to yield leads to numerous vehicle accidents

Watching out for other vehicles is an important part of driving. Even when a driver has the right-of-way, this remains a priority in order to remain safe. When drivers fail to yield, it often leads to vehicle accidents.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol recently responded to an accident involving two vehicles. One of them, a commercial vehicle, was pulling out of a private driveway onto Route 7 at the same time as the other vehicle was on the roadway. The two vehicles collided, and the vehicle that was struck finally came to rest in the median near the southbound side of the road.

That vehicle driver suffered injuries requiring transportation to a hospital in the area. The other driver did not suffer any injuries according to reports. The preliminary report indicates that the commercial vehicle driver failed to yield to the traffic on Route 7, which means he or she may end up being cited. Of course, a simple citation may not make up for the injuries caused to the other driver, along with his or her other damages.

The victim may do as others involved in vehicle accidents do and file a personal injury claim against the commercial driver, and perhaps his or her employer as well. In order to know for sure, that individual could do what other Ohio residents have done and obtain a thorough evaluation of the circumstances in order to determine the best course of action. If that means filing a lawsuit, then proving negligence could involve offering evidence from the police investigation, along with any traffic violations or criminal convictions assessed for the other driver.

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