Hazardous materials found in yet another food product

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2019 | Products Liability

It seems as though there have been far too many news stories lately about contaminated foods. Many contain hazardous materials that have no place in foods that consumers purchase, eat and serve to their families. Some Ohio consumers may already know that the one of the latest products in question comes from Nestle USA.

The recall includes the company’s ready-to-bake products, including the chubs, bars and tubs bearing certain batch codes. The products affected by the voluntary recall managed to leave the company’s facilities with rubber pieces in them. It was not aware of this issue until Nestle USA received reports of the pieces from outside the company.

Consumers here in Ohio and elsewhere who purchased the affected products are urged not to cook or consume them. Instead, consumers should throw them away and contact Nestle Consumer Services with a proof of purchase. The company says it is working with the Food and Drug Administration and has already found and corrected the problem. So far, the company has not received any reports of illness or injury in connection with this issue. However, that does not mean it will not happen before all products are removed from the market and people’s kitchens.

Anyone who suffers an injury or illness from this or another product containing hazardous materials may be able to pursue restitution from the manufacturer and any others who may bear some legal responsibility. This area of law can be complex and the companies involved usually have attorneys on their side in order to limit their exposure to liability. For this reason, consumers may want to consider consulting with an attorney to explore all of the potential legal options available.


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