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Handling holiday heartburn after the ranitidine recall

During the holidays, most people eat foods they do not ordinarily eat the rest of the year. For many of them, including people here in Ohio, that means heartburn. If you used to use Zantac to handle your holiday heartburn, you may need to find another way to find relief in the aftermath of the ranitidine recall.

More and more companies who manufacture, distribute and sell ranitidine products are recalling them due to the presence of a cancer-causing ingredient. Some say it is still safe to use these heartburn-relieving products, but many are not willing to take the chance. Consumers more than likely appreciate the abundance of caution many companies are showing in removing these products from the shelves.

However, they also wonder how they will handle their heartburn. People choose these particular products because they work for them. Numerous products on the market claim to relieve acid reflux, and consumers used ranitidine because it worked best for them. Occasional heartburn issues could be relieved with other products, but for chronic sufferers, a visit to the doctor may be in order to find an adequate replacement. Avoiding certain foods could help avoid the issue all together, but during the holidays, that may not be an option.

In the meantime, the ranitidine recall may have many Ohio residents with cancer second-guessing what led to their conditions. It may be worthwhile to discuss the situation with an attorney with experience in pharmaceutical litigation. Depending on the results of a thorough investigation, an individual may have legal options.

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