Glysophate lawsuits pile up despite Bayer saying it’s safe

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2020 | Products Liability

It could easily be said that the weed killer called Roundup put Monsanto on the map. When Bayer purchased that company, the larger company inherited some legal matters, including thousands of glysophate lawsuits filed by individuals across the country, including some here in Ohio, who believe that chemical caused their cancer. Even as Bayer negotiates a settlement, the company continues to assert that glysophate is safe.

The company cites what it calls “extensive research” that refutes claims that the chemical is not safe. Bayer also leans on regulators who also continue to say Roundup is safe to use. For this reason, the company says it will not withdraw from the market here in the United States.

In the meantime, a mediator estimates the number of lawsuits against Bayer regarding Roundup is up to around 85,000, but notes that number could actually be higher. Bayer contends that number has not even broken 50,000. It claims the larger number includes people who might file lawsuits or have not yet served their complaints on the company. In either case, there are multitudes of people who blame glysophate for their cancer diagnoses. 

While Bayer continues to debate the safety of Roundup, people continue to come forward saying that the product has robbed them of their health, and may rob them of their lives. More than likely, the number of glysophate lawsuits will continue to climb. Anyone here in Ohio who suspects that Roundup caused them to contract cancer should feel free to come forward as well to determine whether litigation is the appropriate course of action for them under the circumstances.


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