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Nizatidine added to list of medications recalled for NDMA

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2020 | Pharmaceutical Litigation

Since Sept. 2019, more and more drug recalls have surfaced regarding heartburn medications containing ranitidine, the most popular of which is Zantac. Once the recalls started, they continued to expand to include nearly all brands of this medication.

Now, nizatidine, another medication used by those here in Ohio and elsewhere for gastrointestinal issues, has been added to the list of medications recalled for NDMA. Nizatidine is a popular treatment for gastrointestinal issues such as:

  • duodenal ulcers
  • benign gastric ulcers
  • gastroesophageal reflux disease
  • endoscopically diagnosed esophagitis

Patients treated with nizatidine are prescribed to take it from eight weeks to one year depending on the circumstances and their medical conditions. The nizatidine recall was voluntarily issued by Mylan Pharmaceuticals Inc., a pharmaceutical company based here in the United States. The medication is actually manufactured by Solara Active Pharma Sciences Limited, but Mylan finishes the manufacturing process and distributes the medication.

So far, only three batches of the drug are subject to the recall. But, as with the ranitidine product recalls, that could quickly change. Legal professionals can help people recover compensation for their losses suffered from taking dangerous and defective drugs.

If you take or used to take nizatidine, contact your health care provider to learn more.


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