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Zantac recall: Was there a breakdown in the drug review process?

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2020 | Zantac Recall

Ohio residents used to trust that the medications prescribed to or purchased by them were safe. The blood pressure and Zantac recall issues over the last couple of years could now cause many people to question the safety of the both over-the-counter and prescribed medications. One question now former Zantac users may have is whether there was a breakdown in the drug review process conducted by the Food and Drug Administration.

Ohio residents are more than likely among others across the country who want to know why this medication was on the market for so long before anyone discovered the problem with it. After all, one of the criteria any drug is subject to before receiving FDA approval is a review of the manufacturing process. Of course, clinical trials receive a great deal of attention when they are conducted to determine what side effects consumers could face when taking a certain medication.

However, the FDA may need to take a closer look at the manufacturing of medications, along with what side effects could arise simply from that process. As it is, looking at the manufacturing facility and process is not even in the top 10 steps a drug goes through in order to receive FDA approval. In fact, that step is toward the bottom of the list.

Testing for possible cancer-causing issues with a medication should become a more vital part of the manufacturing process since some medications become dangerous before even leaving the facility. Perhaps the Zantac recall will help put more emphasis on how a drug is manufactured, stored and distributed. Even though it may not need to be a top priority, it does need addressing and careful consideration in order to help protect patients from dangerous side effects.


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