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July 2020 Archives

Mesothelioma treatment research continues to show promise

Medical researchers spend their time searching for cures and treatments for debilitating and deadly illnesses. One of those medical conditions is mesothelioma. Ohio residents who either suffer from this rare form of cancer or fear asbestos exposure could cause them to suffer from it may like to know that ongoing research into treatments continues to show promise.

Zantac recall issues: Understanding the signs of breast cancer

The aftermath of the removal of certain over-the-counter heartburn medications continues to come to light. Recently, this blog highlighted some of the symptoms of prostate cancer as it relates to the use of medications containing ranitidine ("Zantac recall issues: Knowing the signs of prostate cancer, July 26, 2020"). This blog will take a look at some of the more common signs of breast cancer, which research indicates can also result from the use of these drugs.

Zantac recall issues: Knowing the signs of prostate cancer

Prior to the emergence of the current global situation, Ohio residents were watching for signs they suffered some medical harm due to medications containing ranitidine. Since the Zantac recall began, researchers began associating certain types of cancer with the use of this and other heartburn drugs sold both over the counter and by prescription. One type of cancer that men who used these drugs may want to watch for is prostate cancer.

Food and Drug Administration issues Class I medical device recall

Every day, across the country and here in Ohio, patients rely on medical devices to stay alive, to receive a diagnosis and more. They rely on these devices to work properly and function as intended, but that does not always happen. Far too often, the Food and Drug Administration oversees recalls due to flaws and defects that could cause serious injury or death.

Zantac use is now linked to breast and prostate cancer

In 2019, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that Zantac (ranitidine) contained a cancer-causing impurity, N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA). Since the announcement, additional information has become available further connecting this medication to an increased risk of more and more types of cancer.

Food and Drug Administration recalls: The dangers of methanol

Like nearly everyone else across the country, Ohio residents are trying to remain safe in these uncertain times. One way is to use hand sanitizer, but recently, the Food and Drug Administration issued warnings and now reports recalls of numerous products due to the presence of methanol, or wood alcohol. Some people may wonder why this is so dangerous.

Some mesothelioma patients may qualify for this surgery

Researchers continue to explore treatments for rare illnesses in order to extend patients' lives or cure them. One of those illnesses is peritoneal mesothelioma, which has no cure. However, treatments can make individuals suffering from it more comfortable or extend their lives. For instance, some patients here in Ohio and elsewhere may qualify for a surgical procedure called Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy.

Companies continue to be fined for exposing workers to asbestos

Demolition and renovation are a substantial part of the construction industry here in Ohio and elsewhere. When existing materials are removed from buildings, the odds are good that workers could encounter asbestos if they disturb materials manufactured with it. The companies undertaking these jobs owe their employees a duty to keep them safe from the harmful effects of this and other toxic substances and materials on job sites.

Food and Drug Administration approves Elmiron label changes

Ohio residents suffering from a particular bladder disorder may take Elmiron for the pain and discomfort associated with it. They may or may not know that certain previously unknown and/or unreported dangers from extended Elmiron use became known in recent years. This medication comes with some significant side effects, but up until now, the labels have not indicated that prolonged use could lead to vision problems, including blindness. Only recently did the Food and Drug Administration approve a new label that includes these issues as side effects.

What is the FDA's involvement in recalls?

Every year, thousands of medical devices and medications are recalled. Like others, some Ohio residents may wonder how the Food and Drug Administration is involved in this process. As of right now, the FDA cannot force a company to recall a product; it is up to the manufacturers to do the right thing.

Does mesothelioma survivial data provide an accurate prediction?

Someone exposed to asbestos could live for decades without any repercussions. Then one day, it all changes. After a visit to the doctor, an Ohio resident could receive the diagnosis they hoped would never come -- mesothelioma. More than likely, the doctor will give him or her data on the survival rates for this rare form of cancer, but the real question is whether those numbers apply to everyone.

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