Mesothelioma treatment research continues to show promise

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2020 | Mesothelioma

Medical researchers spend their time searching for cures and treatments for debilitating and deadly illnesses. One of those medical conditions is mesothelioma. Ohio residents who either suffer from this rare form of cancer or fear asbestos exposure could cause them to suffer from it may like to know that ongoing research into treatments continues to show promise.

Recently, researchers published data regarding the use of a drug called LMB-100 and tumor shrinkage. This particular drug is currently used in conjunction with immunotherapy to help boost the immune systems of patients suffering from mesothelioma. The study researchers conducted involved ten patients. Even though this is only a small sample, the results did look promising.

The data indicated that four of the ten participants experienced tumor shrinkage over the course of the study. The original intent of the study was to determine the safety of its use, but researchers decided to take things one step further. Three of the four patients experienced partial responses, and the fourth experienced a complete response to the use of LMB-100 in conjunction with other immunotherapy medications. Of course, further testing will need to occur before a clearer picture emerges of this drug’s efficacy as it relates to treating mesothelioma.

If the results of this study can be replicated on a larger scale, LMB-100 may someday be part of the treatment options for individuals suffering from mesothelioma. For Ohio residents hoping for treatments that could help their condition, this may be good news. As time goes on, the drug may turn out to provide a ray of hope regarding the shrinkage of the tumors that accompany this cancer.


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