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Surviving mesothelioma: What happens next?

It does not matter whether the patient is from Ohio or some other state, receiving a cancer diagnosis is devastating. For those who receive a diagnosis of a rare form of cancer called mesothelioma, the aftermath can be even worse since there is no cure and the prognosis is not always a good one. However, some people do come through treatment with the cancer destroyed or removed, but that does not necessarily mean it will not come back.

Follow up care is vital for those who receive a relatively clean bill of health after treatment since the odds of the cancer completely going away are not good. Those lucky ones will be able to return to some aspects of a normal life, but they will also have to make some adjustments and changes to their lives as well. Follow up appointments become the norm for most patients since doctors will want to try to catch any new cancer as quickly as possible and monitor patients for side effects to the treatments.

In addition to the medical and medical-related issues that a survivor will need to address after treatment, doctors may provide a care plan that includes suggestions for physical activity and diet since overall health may help contribute to continued remission. However, physical health is not the only concern. A survivor's mental outlook could also play a role in aftercare, and it may be a good idea make sure he or she has a support network.

Once a survivor's medical, physical and psychological needs are met, it may be a good time to turn to any legal concerns associated with this condition. Nearly all cases of mesothelioma stem from exposure to a toxic substance called asbestos. Individuals here in Ohio and elsewhere may be able to pursue benefits and/or compensation for their illness, which could help with the financial impact this type of condition can cause.

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