Zantac recall: FDA says do not take this medication

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2020 | Zantac Recall

Ohio residents have reason to be concerned about N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA). The Food and Drug Administration says that when this contaminant is an ingredient in certain medications, it may increase in impurity if left to sit on a shelf over time at temperatures higher than room temperature. NDMA is an ingredient in Zantac, a ranitidine medication. The FDA has issued a Zantac recall, warning that all over-the-counter and prescription ranitidine drugs should be immediately removed from the marketplace.

The FDA has labeled NDMA as a probable carcinogen. Laboratory tests show that NDMA levels increase significantly when stored at higher temperatures over time. However, lab results also show that levels increase even when the drugs containing NDMA are stored under average conditions. As such, the FDA has warned consumers to stop taking all ranitidine drugs to be on the safe side.

When taking any type of prescription or over-the-counter medication, it is imperative that the instructions on the label, as well as any instructions a physician might provide, be followed in order to reduce the risk of overdose or other adverse reactions. Improper dosage or drugs that do not interact well with each other can cause serious, even life-threatening conditions. When the FDA issues a recall, all doctors should immediately stop prescribing the drug in question. 

If an Ohio consumer suffers adverse health effects from Zantac or another drug product, he or she may have grounds for seeking restitution. If a person were to die from Zantac or another drug, an immediate family member could file a claim on the decedent’s behalf. An attorney experienced in wrongful death and personal injury litigation knows how to gather evidence and build a strong case to help plaintiffs pursue recovery of financial relief for damages they have incurred. 


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