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September 2020 Archives

Meso case questions who is responsible for causing cancer

There is no question that asbestos is a carcinogen. We know that this material can lead to cancer. What is often debated within the courtroom is responsibility. Who is responsible for the asbestos exposure that led to the cancer? Was it the company that made the product, the employer that used it or did the worker make a mistake that led to exposure?

Cancer link prompted Zantac recall

While it is reasonable to expect prescription medications to carry potential side effects, it is also reasonable to expect that they will not be worse than the original condition. Unfortunately, doctors may prescribe to people seeking medical care in Ohio prescription drugs that make them even sicker. To make matters worse, there is sometimes no warning at all. While the prescription drug makers GlaxoSmithKline and Sanofi might have issued a Zantac recall after reports that it caused cancer, it appears as if they should have acted much sooner.

Some businesses still don't take asbestos removal seriously

The construction business is full of dangers that workers can see and feel. However, it is often the unseen dangers that can have the most lasting effects, such as exposure to asbestos. When construction companies here in Ohio and elsewhere fail to take the removal of this toxic material seriously, people can ultimately suffer from serious and deadly health conditions as a result.

Mesothelioma Awareness Day is fast approaching

September 26 may just be another day on the calendar, another day to go about one's business, but it also marks something special. It is a day dedicated to bringing awareness to mesothelioma and the devastating effects it has on those who suffer from it. Sadly, numerous Ohio residents have been diagnosed with this terrible disease over the years, and many more have had to watch their loved ones suffer through and ultimately succumb to it.

Janssen Pharmaceuticals hid Elmiron drug injuries information

Living with a chronic health condition can be debilitating. Unfortunately for some people in Ohio, the medications prescribed for these conditions end up causing drug injuries far more harmful than the conditions themselves. This is often the result of pharmaceutical companies prioritizing their own profits over patient safety.

Zantac recall leads to federal investigation into drugmakers

Most people in Ohio and across the country believe that medication prescribed by their doctor or that they can buy over the counter is safe. After all, tests and approvals are needed before they can be put on the market. However, some drug manufacturers may not disclose important information about possible dangers, and as with the recent Zantac recall, investigations into those manufacturers can take place.

Drug injuries: Is a pharmaceutical company liable in your case?

Millions of people in Ohio and across the country take prescription drugs. There are numerous reasons why a physician might prescribe a specific medication for a patient. When a person suffers drug injuries, it sometimes results in litigation against the pharmaceutical company. 

Mislabeled medications could cause drug injuries

Living with a chronic disease can be difficult, but advancements in medicine and technology have made it possible for many people to live long, happy lives despite their health issues. However, without the correct medication and dosage, these same individuals can suffer drug injuries. This might sound like an unlikely event, but the drug company Mylan recently issued a recall after it shipped out medications that were incorrectly labeled.

Are mesothelioma risks hiding in your home?

The once widespread use of asbestos has left generations at risk for developing a fatal cancer. Every year, around 3,000 people learn that they have this deadly disease called mesothelioma. This is not just a problem of the past, either. Degrading asbestos is a source of new and ongoing exposure in Ohio.

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