Mislabeled medications could cause drug injuries

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2020 | Pharmaceutical Litigation

Living with a chronic disease can be difficult, but advancements in medicine and technology have made it possible for many people to live long, happy lives despite their health issues. However, without the correct medication and dosage, these same individuals can suffer drug injuries. This might sound like an unlikely event, but the drug company Mylan recently issued a recall after it shipped out medications that were incorrectly labeled.

Ohio patients who have heart rhythm disorders might rely on the drug amiodarone to help regulate their heartbeats. Amiodarone was one of two drugs involved in a potentially fatal mix-up in which it ended up in packaging for the drug tranexamic acid. Tranexamic acid is used for hemophilia to reduce or prevent hemorrhaging during certain dental operations.

The impact of missing a dose or receiving the incorrect medication can be tragic for patients with heart rhythm disorders. Missing a dose can cause further damage from irregular heartbeats, seriously threatening heart function. Receiving tranexamic acid instead of amiodarone frequently leads to seizures, blood clotting and other serious side effects in these patients.

Patients who are supposed to receive tranexamic acid but are given amiodarone instead also face life-threatening side effects. Without the correct drug, hemophiliacs are much more likely to have serious bleeding events that may lead to death. Amiodarone can also cause irregular heartbeats and low blood pressure in these patients, both of which can be fatal.

This recall is much more than just an accidental mix-up in packaging. Mylan has issued three different recalls in 2020 alone. It is difficult to imagine the number of patients in Ohio who might have suffered injuries or even died because of one company’s negligent behavior. However, those who have gone through and survived this experience know just how physically, emotionally and financially overwhelming drug injuries can be. These individuals probably understand just how important it can be to secure just compensation for these and other related damages.


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