Some businesses still don’t take asbestos removal seriously

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2020 | Asbestos Exposure & Claims

The construction business is full of dangers that workers can see and feel. However, it is often the unseen dangers that can have the most lasting effects, such as exposure to asbestos. When construction companies here in Ohio and elsewhere fail to take the removal of this toxic material seriously, people can ultimately suffer from serious and deadly health conditions as a result.

For instance, a roofing company in another state was working on a roof replacement project. During the demolition of the existing roof, materials containing asbestos were found. It was alleged that the company contradicted accepted asbestos removal practices with regard to those materials. To make matters worse, the the presence of the toxic material was not a surprise to the contractor, yet it failed to inform the proper authorities before the removal began.

An investigation revealed that the company failed to properly handle, store and transport the materials. These actions not only endangered workers, but also seniors and others living in the area where the dust and particles became airborne. As a result, the state of Massachusetts recently fined the company $150,000 and required employees to attend training for proper asbestos removal.

Even though the state in which the company operates did take action against the company, it may be too late for some of the people exposed. As is the case in that state, Ohio also has certain rules and regulations regarding materials containing asbestos. Anyone who suspects or knows that a construction company is not following those rules and unnecessarily exposing people to this human carcinogen should feel free to report the activity in an attempt to prevent any or further exposure.


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