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October 2020 Archives

Asbestos: Friability is a significant factor toward risk

In many Ohio office buildings, schools, churches and even homes, there are hidden dangers lurking that could place people at risk for serious illness and injury. Asbestos is a compilation of microscopic materials that are often contained in building products, such as spray insulation, cabinetry, ceiling tiles and more. There is no known amount of safe exposure to asbestos, but there are certain issues that are thought greatly increase one's risk for injury, one of which is friability. 

What is the connection between Zantac and breast cancer?

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As we watch loved ones, sports figures, celebrities and musicians wear pink in a sign of support and solidarity we may also find ourselves looking back at our progress. While we look back, we may question the causes of breast cancer and how much we have progressed in reducing the risk we face of developing this disease.

Food and Drug Administration recalls diabetes drug

For those in Ohio and across the country who struggle with diabetes, maintaining a healthy glucose level is essential. High glucose levels can lead to serious complications, and many with diabetes rely on medications to help them regulate those levels and remain healthy. Unfortunately, according to a drug recall recently published by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, even those drugs may place people at risk.

Zantac recall -- it's more than cancer

The popular heartburn drug Zantac has been linked to cancer, putting patients at risk for potentially fatal side effects. Cancer is not the only health concern linked to this and other proton pump inhibitors, though. A more recent study shows that people who regularly take PPIs are also much more likely to develop type 2 diabetes, especially when taken alongside other types of heartburn drugs -- including those related to the Zantac recall.

Asbestos: School superintendent accused of hiding information

Ohio schools are obligated to provide information, training and equipment to keep faculty, students and visitors to school properties as safe as possible at all times. In a neighboring state, a former school superintendent and other officials are facing felony charges regarding issues pertaining to asbestos and lead. A grand jury has stated that the former superintendent and two others placed students, faculty and other staff members at great risk. 

Are you at risk for asbestos exposure?

There is a lot of charm to living or working in an older building. Decades worth of history can turn what might seem like just another building in Ohio into something all its own. But while they might have a certain appeal, there is a real danger to spending time in them. Asbestos is frequently found in older buildings, and this toxic substance can be released into the air as buildings age and materials begin to break down.

FDA releases guidelines to curb nizatidine drug injuries

Cancer causing substances can show up in the most surprising places. One place most people in Ohio do not want those substances showing up is in their prescription medications. But the carcinogen N-nitrosodimethylamine -- NDMA -- has been found in a number of different prescription drugs, including nizatidine. NDMA can cause serious drug injuries to those who ingest it.

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