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J&J talc cases back in the spotlight: Does use cause cancer?

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2021 | Talcum Powder

Tens of thousands of victims accusing Johnson & Johnson of knowingly selling talcum powder that could cause cancer are moving forward with lawsuits against the pharmaceutical giant in courts throughout the country. In these cases, those who developed cancer after use of talc powder claim J&J was aware that the products they sold contained cancer-causing particles. Instead of removing or adjusting the product when this connection was apparent, the victims claim J&J continued to produce, market, and sell the talc powder as a safe and hygienic product.

These cases are in varying stages, but two important updates are discussed below.

Update #1: United States Supreme Court refuses to hear J&J’s request to overturn previous case

J&J requested the Supreme Court review a decision from the Missouri state courts that granted a $2.11 billion verdict to victims who claimed they developed ovarian cancer after regular use of the company’s talc-based product. The Supreme Court rejected the request.

The loss is a big one for J&J. The Missouri Court of Appeals called the company’s actions “reprehensible” and that the company defended the talc product with an “evil motive or reckless indifference” to the health of consumers.

Update #2: Black women’s group files lawsuit against J&J  

The National Council of Negro Women (NCNW) filed a lawsuit against J&J stating the company was aware that use of its talc could cause cancer but continued to market the product to Black women. This lawsuit is similar to other legal claims with allegations of the connection between talc powder use and cancer, but unique in that it points out the company used marketing to specifically target the Black community. J&J denies this connection.

Important lesson for those who developed cancer after using J&J’s talc powder products

These updates show that this case is far from over. Those who are in a similar situation should not back down but should take action to hold this mega-corporation accountable for failing to protect its consumers.


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