What to expect from a malpractice wrongful death settlement

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2021 | Wrongful Death

Instances of medical malpractice could cause worse than severe injuries. Some medical malpractice incidents in Ohio, sadly, result in death. Surviving family members might feel extreme grief, and they may consider filing a wrongful death lawsuit. Others may wonder whether a lawsuit will serve any purpose. While legal actions can’t bring someone back, they could provide financial support to survivors in need.

Wrongful death suits and settlements

A wrongful death case may not need to go to trial. The defendant might settle out of court. Frequently, medical malpractice cases involve insurance settlements, and some payments could be substantial ones. The financial payments received from a settlement may address numerous obligations survivors face.

There could be significant medical expenses resulting from the deceased’s death, and a settlement might cover some or all of those expenses. Additionally, the surviving family members may have relied on the decedent’s income to pay for rent, food, clothing, and other family expenses. A settlement might address those needs.

Not all needs are necessarily immediate ones. Perhaps concerns exist about a young child’s future education. The settlement funds could go into an investment vehicle to address college tuition and other expenses.

There is another potential benefit to settling a malpractice case. The payment could lead to the responsible party being more careful, possibly reducing the chances of future incidents.

Settlement negotiations and fair amounts

Although the responsible party knows it is at fault, the wrongful death settlement negotiations may become more involved than anticipated. The at-fault party’s insurance company could attempt to settle for the lowest amount possible.

Although an insurance company might attempt to make a low settlement offer, that doesn’t mean the survivors must accept it. Effective negotiation tactics may result in a substantial settlement, one above the initial offer.


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