How do you fight back against allegations of bribery?

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2022 | Criminal Defense

As a business owner or executive, you likely invest a lot of your personal energy in helping create a positive impression of your company. It may be like second nature to you to offer samples to people or to try to elicit a positive reaction from them when they talk about your business.

Unfortunately, some situations occasionally arise in which someone misinterprets friendliness or makes allegations out of spite. If you are facing allegations of bribery, don’t wait for the charges to vanish. You need to take action right away.

Bribery allegations carry serious penalties

Anyone accused of attempting to bribe a state worker or official could face accusations of a third-degree felony under Ohio state law. The possible penalties include between nine and 36 months in state custody and up to $10,000 in fines. In the rare situation in which the other party works for a federal organization, there will be a bit more nuance regarding the charges and penalties, but the fine could be as much as three times as the bribe and there could be 15 years of incarceration as a possible penalty.

Pleading guilty does not eliminate the worst consequences for a bribery charge and will instead leave the accused dependent on the sentiments of the judge presiding over the case. When defending yourself from any type of time, fighting back may be the only way to avoid costly fines and the risk of jail time.

What are defense strategies for bribery charges?

Showing that you weren’t aware of a bribe offered by someone else or raising questions about the details of the alleged interaction are among the potential defense strategies that can help those accused of a bribery offense in the Ohio or federal criminal courts. Thoroughly reviewing the allegations and evidence against you is an important step for those who hope to avoid a conviction for a white-collar criminal offense.


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