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4 traumatic head wounds caused by car accidents

On Behalf of | May 24, 2023 | Car Accidents

Most people experience wounds during car accidents. These injuries may be no greater than a few cuts and bruises. But, in a serious accident, a driver may suffer from traumatic head wounds

While every accident is unique, many injuries are similar. Here’s what you should know:

1. Concussion

One of the most common injuries following a blow to the head, a concussion occurs when the brain rapidly shakes back and forth. As the brain rattles around, it releases chemicals. These chemicals interfere with the brain’s functions. Many people with concussions get dizzy, sick and confused and may even blackout. It’s a mistake to think of any concussion as a “minor” injury because it can have long-lasting consequences.

2. Brain bruising, swelling and bleeding

Many head injuries can damage the brain. If the brain suffers a blow, then it could bruise. The bruising may swell and put pressure on the skull and brain. If the swelling continues, then it could bleed and damage brain cells even further. This can be an added complication to concussions and other head injuries.

3. Coup and contrecoup injuries

There are two kinds of bruises the brain could experience. If a bruise appears on the same side of the head where it was wounded, then it may be considered a coup. If the brain is injured opposite to the wound, then it would be a contrecoup. Some people experience coups and contrecoups simultaneously. 

4. Skull fracture and penetration wounds

A serious kind of head injury is a skull fracture. The skull could break and cave inward. As a result, the skull could put pressure on the brain and impair functioning. 

A skull fracture could evolve into a penetrating wound. The object that penetrates the skull could severely harm the brain. The brain could still be in danger even if it wasn’t damaged by a penetrating object. Skull fragments could break and injure the brain, damaging cells and causing bleeding. 

If you’re suffering from injuries following a car accident, then you may need to learn how you can be properly compensated for your medical condition.


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