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Some businesses still don't take asbestos removal seriously

The construction business is full of dangers that workers can see and feel. However, it is often the unseen dangers that can have the most lasting effects, such as exposure to asbestos. When construction companies here in Ohio and elsewhere fail to take the removal of this toxic material seriously, people can ultimately suffer from serious and deadly health conditions as a result.

The serious implications of long-term asbestos exposure

There are times when Ohio employees who work in certain types of jobs may be exposed to things that can make them seriously ill. Toxic exposure sometimes has immediate detrimental health effects, while asbestos exposure may not result in serious health complications until years or decades later. Those who become ill due to this type of exposure are at a high risk for grave illnesses, including cancer, and they may have legal options available to them.

Does asbestos exposure always lead to mesothelioma?

With everything going on in the world, people here in Ohio and elsewhere may have put other potential health hazards out of their minds, at least temporarily. One of those may be asbestos exposure and whether it could lead to a diagnosis of mesothelioma or some other illness related to this toxic substance. The amount of exposure could correlate to the chances of contracting one of these conditions.

Companies continue to be fined for exposing workers to asbestos

Demolition and renovation are a substantial part of the construction industry here in Ohio and elsewhere. When existing materials are removed from buildings, the odds are good that workers could encounter asbestos if they disturb materials manufactured with it. The companies undertaking these jobs owe their employees a duty to keep them safe from the harmful effects of this and other toxic substances and materials on job sites.

Asbestos is still a threat for many, including auto mechanics

Cuts, burns, falling objects, slip-and-fall accidents and more all risks to people in many industries, and auto mechanics are no exception whether they work here in Ohio or elsewhere. Another risk they face is exposure to toxic chemicals and materials. Workers may forget about or not realize they can still be exposed to asbestos.

Asbestos exposure concerns can arise during fires

When a building is on fire, it releases gases, fumes and debris into the air. One of the substances that could end up in the air is asbestos. As most people know, exposure to this particular substance is toxic and can cause untreatable diseases such as mesothelioma over time. This makes fires on older buildings here in Ohio and elsewhere much more dangerous than many thought.

J&J announces the end of talc-based baby powders

After spending years insisting its products were safe, Johnson & Johnson recently made a game-changing announcement. It will soon stop selling talc-based baby powders believed to contain asbestos throughout the country, including here in Ohio. The hope is that other companies using loose talc will do the same since it is believed that any exposure to this human carcinogen is not safe.

Can asbestos containment areas be trusted?

Finding a toxic substance in one of Ohio's older buildings is scary enough without wondering whether it can safely be contained. For instance, when asbestos is found in a building, that area is supposed to be quarantined and the threat should be contained. However, residents or workers in the building may have concerns that they may contract a disease connected to any exposure that may occur.

It's not only buildings that could need asbestos abatement

Ohio residents may know that some of the state's older buildings could have dangerous and toxic materials and substances in them that require special handling during a renovation or demolition. For instance, it may be necessary to perform asbestos abatement due to the presence of the destruction of building materials containing this human carcinogen. What some people may not be aware of is that this process may be necessary on items that are not buildings, such as old railroad locomotives.

Mesothelioma isn't the only asbestos-related condition

Mesothelioma is a rare type of cancer primarily associated with one toxic substance. Many of the people here in Ohio and elsewhere who were exposed to asbestos through their employment or in some other way may always have a fear of receiving a diagnosis of this cancer at some point. However, other medical conditions can result from asbestos exposure.

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