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Could asbestos exposure result from fires?

In addition to the flames, the smoke created by fires can present certain dangers. Smoke inhalation on its own can cause substantial damage to a victim, but when other chemicals or toxic substances mix with the smoke, the results could be devastating for his or her health. This includes asbestos exposure that could occur during a fire, depending on the location. Ohio has certain locations such as old buildings and rail yards where this toxic compound exists, and during a fire, it could become airborne and lead to adverse health consequences.

Mesothelioma patients could participate in cancer device trials

Approximately 3,000 people are diagnosed with mesothelioma each year, and some may be here in Ohio. At present, no cure for this condition exists, but patients can undergo traditional cancer treatments in an attempt to prolong their lives. Even so, researchers, including medical device and pharmaceutical companies, are working to find new treatments that could further extend the lives of patients with mesothelioma.

Asbestos exposure: Company fined for bad practices

Both the federal government and state governments, including Ohio, require companies and individuals to follow strict rules and regulations when it comes to dealing with toxic chemicals and substances. This includes the removal, storing and disposal of substances such as asbestos. When a company fails to deal with this toxic mineral appropriately, it risks potential asbestos exposure to workers and anyone who comes into contact with it.

Developers pay millions to avoid asbestos exposure in renovations

Like many other states, Ohio has numerous old buildings. Some of them may contain asbestos, and when developers want to renovate those old buildings, remediation may be necessary in order to avoid the potential for asbestos exposure by workers and others in the area. Remediation efforts can easily reach into the millions of dollars when done properly, but the safety of everyone involved must take precedence.

Did the building's owner know about possible asbestos exposure?

Older buildings here in Ohio and elsewhere may contain numerous potentially harmful chemicals and substances due to the fact that environmental protections that now restrict their use were not always in place. In many cases, those substances or chemicals are contained, that is, until disturbed by construction or damage. This is often especially true of asbestos, which was widely used in a number of building materials in the past. How can occupants and visitors to these buildings be sure they will not suffer from asbestos exposure? They have to rely on the buildings' owners to make sure they are safe, and that does not always necessarily happen.

Claire's denies asbestos exposure can happen from its makeup

Depending on who you ask, everyone comes into contact with toxic chemicals and substances, every day whether they live here in Ohio or elsewhere. However, there are some toxic substances, such as asbestos, that most people believe only exist in building materials, brake pads and other industrial products and industries. This makes the results of one study particularly alarming since it reports that asbestos exposure could take place from wearing makeup sold by Claire's, which is a popular place for teens to buy cosmetics.

Asbestos exposure still a concern for workers in some industries

Even though this toxic substance is no longer widely used, it still turns up in certain industries here in Ohio as it does elsewhere in the country. As a result, workers in those industries continue to face the possibility of asbestos exposure. The danger from this substance remains high enough that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration continues to enforce regulations regarding the safety of workers when it comes to the use of this naturally occurring mineral fiber.

Another lawsuit alleges asbestos exposure caused by J&J talc

Ohio has a history rich in manufacturing and production, and often, this unfortunately translates into workers developing mesothelioma after they were exposed to asbestos over the course of their careers. Sadly, this is far from the only means of asbestos exposure, though, as companies also negligently included the hazardous carcinogenic substance in their products. In another state, a lawsuit has begun over allegations that talcum-based products like Johnson & Johnson baby powder negligently contained the dangerous material.

Two companies settle for $215,000 in asbestos exposure lawsuit

Ohio and other states have a number of stringent laws and regulations governing working with asbestos. While the specifics may vary from place to place, the stipulations exist to protect both workers and the public from the hazards associated with asbestos exposure. In another state, two defendants who allegedly failed to follow such protocols have settled in a lawsuit against them.

Exposure to asbestos fibers causes woman to develop lung cancer

Asbestos was traditionally used throughout Ohio and elsewhere for decades because the inexpensive, naturally occurring substance's fire-resistant and insulating properties made it ideal to help increase strength without adding weight. However, it became apparent that exposure to the substance carried a host of health problems, including cancer, and many organizations moved to regulate asbestos and protect workers. Sometimes, though, companies were more interested in putting profits ahead of employee health.

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