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Car Accidents Archives

Children also become the victims of serious car accidents

Most Ohio parents do whatever they can to keep their children safe. When out and about, they make sure their children are properly restrained, which could mean a baby seat, a booster seat or a seat belt depending on age. Parents may drive more cautiously when their children are in the vehicle as well. Sadly, parents cannot control the actions of other drivers, and their children could end up suffering severe injuries in car accidents.

Police may never know the whole story in motorcycle crash

Discovering the "how" of an accident is often easier than determining the "why." Whether it takes place here in Ohio or somewhere else, this can plague numerous investigations. The factors that led to a car or motorcycle crash could help determine liability and/or if the situation warrants criminal charges.

Failing to properly load a truck can lead to vehicle accidents

When considering how crashes involving truck drivers occur, many people automatically look to the driver's behavior behind the wheel. Driving any 18-wheeler requires skill and undivided attention, but the task becomes even more complex with an oversized load. Any mistake on the part of the drivers of these vehicles could cause preventable vehicle accidents here in Ohio or elsewhere.

Not all motorcycle accidents are the fault of the other driver

Drivers in passenger and commercial vehicles are obligated to watch out for other vehicles, including smaller, more vulnerable ones. Like everywhere else, Ohio's roadways are traveled by motorcycles, the riders of which are exposed to greater danger than those in other motor vehicles. Most people know this and take extra care around them. However, as much as the drivers of passenger vehicles face scrutiny for their actions in motorcycle accidents, they are not always the cause of them.

Numerous factors combine to end in tragic automobile accidents

Police officers here in Ohio and elsewhere who investigate numerous car crashes can often generally understand what happened just from surveying the scene. Ordinarily, a combination of factors results in automobile accidents instead of just one thing. For instance, a drunk driver may also drive in excess of the speed limit, or someone texting may also steer out of his or her lane. Finding which came first and how the factors combined to result in a crash can be challenging.

Another dangerous Ohio intersection claims 2 lives

Some Ohio intersections are easy to navigate while others make drivers feel as though they risk their lives every time they go through them. Those who know where these intersections are may take a bit of extra time in order to be sure that no obvious dangers exist before entering them. The problem is that not every driver takes the time and care when entering a dangerous intersection, and other people often pay the price.

Truck drivers don't often die during car accidents

Many Ohio drivers may assume that due to the size and weight of 18-wheelers, truck drivers often enjoy more protection during crashes than those in smaller, passenger vehicles. However, that is not always the case. Sometimes, everyone survives these car accidents, even though they may suffer injuries, except the driver of the semi-trailer involved.

1 driver's error can spawn multiple car accidents

Depending on the time of day, Ohio's roadways can be full of vehicles. Even so, the news appears to be full of stories about car accidents that only involve one or two vehicles. Sometimes, a driver's mistake happens at a time when other drivers have no way to avoid a collision. What a driver might avoid or only involve two vehicles ends up a tragedy.

Dealing with the aftermath of bicycle vs. vehicle accidents

Every Ohio resident who travels the streets, highways and byways of the state is vulnerable to injury to a certain extent. Even so, the risk for some people is higher than others. For instance, those who travel by bike run a higher risk of suffering serious injuries in bicycle vs. vehicle accidents than those inside the cabin of a vehicle.

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