What to know about mesothelioma claims

While Congress has regulated the use of asbestos, this material still gets used in many industries. However, it has been linked to mesothelioma, a disease that gets diagnosed about 3,000 times yearly. Workers in Cleveland, Ohio, can file a claim if they think their...

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What to know about mesothelioma in children

In the state of Ohio, mesothelioma is typically seen as an "adult" diagnosis. Mesothelioma diagnoses in children are practically unheard of. While it might be rare, it's not impossible. If your child experienced asbestos exposure, they might be at risk of developing...

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$120 Million Settlement

To 15,000 Asbestos Victims

$20 Million Verdict


$17 Million Verdict


What to do after a mesothelioma diagnosis
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