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Pharmaceutical Liability Archives

AstraZeneca named in pharmaceutical litigation case

Whether in Ohio or elsewhere, oven one instance of a fatal drug complication is too many, but 10? Recent pharmaceutical litigation filed in federal court involves an anti-psychotic medication still available by prescription. According to the complaint, when administered in combination with another medication, the resultant drug cocktail can prove deadly.

Woman awarded $12M after drug injuries leave her vegetative

Sometimes, pharmaceutical litigation lawsuits in Ohio involve drugs that were perhaps rushed through the Food and Drug Administration approval process, only to later be found unsafe due to side effects. Other times, though, the errors are due solely to a health care professional's careless oversight or poor judgment. Sadly, regardless of the scenario, the resulting drug injuries often prove catastrophic if not fatal.

Family alleges laxative drug injuries led to infant's death

Many Ohio families rely on medications to keep them healthy. Medicines are supposed to be highly regulated to ensure they achieve their primary function, to heal the sick. When drug companies fail to do their jobs properly and drug injuries result, pharmaceutical litigation seeks to hold the responsible parties accountable for their errors.

Alleged Walgreens error leaves minor child with drug injuries

Sometimes, pharmaceutical litigation in Ohio involves large class action lawsuits against drug companies. Other times, though, such lawsuits are more personal in nature, but that does not mean they are any less important. In fact, when a child suffers drug injuries due to professional negligence or carelessness, it can be difficult to think of anything more important than making sure justice is served and, perhaps equally crucial, ensuring such mistakes don't endanger the lives or well-being of other children in the future.

Pharmaceutical litigation case alleges meds caused birth defects

Knowing the possibility of potential side effects is important so that Ohio patients can weigh the risks before making an informed decision about how a medication may affect their health and well-being. Possibly even more important for some individuals, though, is knowing how prescription medication, when taken by a pregnant mother, might affect an unborn fetus. A recent case of pharmaceutical litigation in another state involves this weighty matter.

Mother sues, claiming pharmacy error led to drug injuries

When Ohio parents have a child with a health condition, their focus is typically on the child's well-being, not the possibility of a medication error. Frighteningly, though, pharmaceutical mistakes happen every day across the country. Sometimes, the mistake is minor or someone catches it before major harm is done; unfortunately, this is not always the case. Far too often, the resulting drug injuries are severe if not fatal.

When physicians ignore FDA warnings, drug injuries may result

Medications save lives every day, but they can also have side effects that are dangerous or even deadly. The Food and Drug Administration is responsible for attempting to regulate prescriptions to help educate consumers in Ohio and across the nation of possible drug injuries and hazards by placing safety warnings on the medications and their accompanying literature. When these warnings are ignored, the results could be fatal.

Suit alleges pharmaceutical companies liable for drug injuries

In Ohio and across the nation, patients have the right to be fully informed about any medications they are prescribed so that they can make sound decisions about their own health. In another state, a man has recently filed a pharmaceutical litigation lawsuit in federal court regarding the drug injuries he suffered. The patient names a number of pharmaceutical companies as defendants, alleging product liability and negligence.

Pharmaceutical litigation surrounding Abilify continues to grow

Aripiprazole, marketed under the brand name Abilify, has been prescribed around the world to treat mood disorders. In fact, with tens of thousands of prescriptions written every year, odds are that a number of patients in Ohio may have taken the drug. Complaints about the medication have been emerging slowly over the last decade, and now, pharmaceutical litigation surrounding Abilify has grown to nearly 200 lawsuits.

Bayer faced with pharmaceutical litigation over antibiotic Avelox

Antibiotics can be life-saving in cases of severe infection. However, sometimes the potential risks associated with specific drugs necessitate a more sparing approach, calling for their use only as a last resort. As a growing number of cases of pharmaceutical litigation seems to indicate, a class of antibiotics known as fluoroquinolones could be among them, and residents of Ohio may wish to familiarize themselves with the possible risk of negative side effects.

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