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Pharmaceutical Litigation Archives

Food and Drug Administration recalls diabetes drug

For those in Ohio and across the country who struggle with diabetes, maintaining a healthy glucose level is essential. High glucose levels can lead to serious complications, and many with diabetes rely on medications to help them regulate those levels and remain healthy. Unfortunately, according to a drug recall recently published by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, even those drugs may place people at risk.

FDA releases guidelines to curb nizatidine drug injuries

Cancer causing substances can show up in the most surprising places. One place most people in Ohio do not want those substances showing up is in their prescription medications. But the carcinogen N-nitrosodimethylamine -- NDMA -- has been found in a number of different prescription drugs, including nizatidine. NDMA can cause serious drug injuries to those who ingest it.

Janssen Pharmaceuticals hid Elmiron drug injuries information

Living with a chronic health condition can be debilitating. Unfortunately for some people in Ohio, the medications prescribed for these conditions end up causing drug injuries far more harmful than the conditions themselves. This is often the result of pharmaceutical companies prioritizing their own profits over patient safety.

Drug injuries: Is a pharmaceutical company liable in your case?

Millions of people in Ohio and across the country take prescription drugs. There are numerous reasons why a physician might prescribe a specific medication for a patient. When a person suffers drug injuries, it sometimes results in litigation against the pharmaceutical company. 

Mislabeled medications could cause drug injuries

Living with a chronic disease can be difficult, but advancements in medicine and technology have made it possible for many people to live long, happy lives despite their health issues. However, without the correct medication and dosage, these same individuals can suffer drug injuries. This might sound like an unlikely event, but the drug company Mylan recently issued a recall after it shipped out medications that were incorrectly labeled.

Purdue Pharma could pay $13 billion in pharmaceutical litigation

Pharmaceutical companies may act as if they are on the side of the consumers, doing their best to provide the safest medications to help them live the healthiest lives possible. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. Purdue Pharma may have to pay $13 billion in fines after investigators discovered the company most likely played an active role in creating and fueling America's opioid crisis. Ohio victims of the opioid crisis may be eager to see how this pharmaceutical litigation unfolds.

Purdue Pharma faces $13 billion in penalties over opioid epidemic

In the midst of everything else going on across the country and here in Ohio, the Department of Justice continued pursuing justice against Purdue Pharma, which is a drug manufacturer. The drug in question is OxyContin, one of the drugs at the center of the country's opioid epidemic. Recently, the DOJ filed a claim in the company's bankruptcy for a total of $13 billion in penalties connected to the drug manufacturer's part in this crisis.

Have current events made the opioid epidemic worse?

Prior to current events, Ohio, the country and the world had other problems that needed attention and resolution. Unfortunately, other things took priority, so issues such as the opioid epidemic took a backseat. Now, as the months continue to pass, the number of overdoses from these drugs has increased anywhere from 30% to 40%, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Food and Drug Administration issues Class I medical device recall

Every day, across the country and here in Ohio, patients rely on medical devices to stay alive, to receive a diagnosis and more. They rely on these devices to work properly and function as intended, but that does not always happen. Far too often, the Food and Drug Administration oversees recalls due to flaws and defects that could cause serious injury or death.

Food and Drug Administration recalls: The dangers of methanol

Like nearly everyone else across the country, Ohio residents are trying to remain safe in these uncertain times. One way is to use hand sanitizer, but recently, the Food and Drug Administration issued warnings and now reports recalls of numerous products due to the presence of methanol, or wood alcohol. Some people may wonder why this is so dangerous.

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