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Lawsuit alleges American Airline uniform contains toxic materials

When Ohio residents get dressed and ready for work every day, the last thing most are thinking about is whether their clothes are poisonous. As preposterous as that notion may sound, though, for thousands of American Airlines employees, the situation is all too real. Workers across the country have gotten sick allegedly due to the toxic materials contained in their work-required uniforms, and the latest incident involving a flight attendant appears to be no exception.

J&J accused in yet another product liability suit for pelvic mesh

Ohio residents have likely noticed that pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson is in the news a lot lately. From carcinogenic talcum powder to a drug that causes uncontrollable internal bleeding, the product liability lawsuits just seem to keep coming. In another state, the most recent case to make it to court involved, not Xarelto or baby power, but pelvic mesh, and it is expected to be only the first of thousands of claims.

Wife alleges Conrail's toxic materials led to husband's death

While the use of asbestos has been highly regulated for years now, instances are still coming to light far too frequently in Ohio of workers from railroads and factories who developed illnesses and cancer from this or other hazardous substances. Even worse, many of these diseases prove fatal. Tragically, in another state, a woman has recently filed a lawsuit alleging that years of exposure to toxic materials in his line of work directly led to her husband's death.

NutriBullet involved in yet another product liability lawsuit

Ohio consumers have the right to know of the potential risk they may be facing when using the Nutribullet Pro blender system, an allegedly dangerous household device. According to complaints in a recent product liability lawsuit, a total of 22 customers to date have come forward, claiming to have suffered severe injuries as a result of using the product. Alleged victims of the blender seek to hold legally responsible the device's manufacturer and distributer, Homeland Housewares.

Claim: Faulty respirators allowed exposure to hazardous materials

Imagine using a device intended to protect against toxic substances, only to later discover that the product failed in the very purpose for which it was specifically designed. This is precisely what a product liability lawsuit in another state alleges. A worker developed lung cancer because, the complaint claims, the respirator designed to protect him from work-related hazardous materials failed.

Product liability suit alleges truck caught fire, injured man

Legally, in Ohio and across the U.S., manufacturers, suppliers and distributors, retailers and others who make products available to consumers are responsible for any injuries those products cause. Though still unacceptable, sometimes the flaws in a product are minimal enough that they result in minor damages. When the injuries are severe, however, or even life-threatening, the support of a product liability attorney may be the best option for victims.

Lawsuit alleges exposure to toxic materials caused fatal cancer

While Ohio's rich historical involvement in industry and manufacturing often puts it high on the list for lawsuits involving dangerous or hazardous substances, it is not alone in this sad distinction. Tragically, either through their employment or other means, numerous individuals around the country have been exposed over the years to toxic materials -- toxic materials that eventually caused them to sicken and even die. A recently filed lawsuit in another state alleges just such an instance of exposure to hazardous substances, with fatal consequences.

Woman files lawsuit in relation to exposure to toxic materials

Many businesses in Ohio and elsewhere use chemicals in the manufacture of a variety of products on a daily basis. While a great deal of these chemicals may prove harmless, others can be dangerous, and should an employee be exposed to toxic materials, he or she could suffer long-term or permanent damages in the process. A woman in another state has recently filed a lawsuit against several companies after she suffered severe respiratory issues by being exposed to harmful flavoring chemicals.

Former Conrail employee alleges toxic materials caused cancer

While asbestos is a fairly well-known carcinogenic, it's sadly not the only hazardous material in Ohio – or across the nation – that can prove life-threatening. In another state, a man is apparently experiencing first-hand just what those consequences of prolonged exposure to toxic materials can be. The ex-train trackman and machine operator has filed a legal complaint alleging that he developed bladder cancer as a result.

Couple alleges hazardous materials led to man's skin, lung cancer

Imagine spending one's whole life working hard at a job every day, only to eventually develop a life-threatening medical condition as a result. Sadly, that's exactly the scenario a recent lawsuit regarding exposure to hazardous materials is alleging. While this specific incident did not occur in Ohio, residents will recognize enough similar elements to realize it easily could have.

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