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Dangerous products continue to line store shelves

Can Ohio residents be sure that the goods they purchase are safe? Many people believe that they can trust the government and the companies who manufacture, distribute and sell the products they buy to make sure that what ends up on store shelves is safe. However, some sources wonder how dangerous products continue to make their way into consumers' homes when the Food and Drug Administration and the companies involved issued recalls months prior.

Product liability claims happen when consumers lose confidence

No one is perfect, and people are not the only ones who make mistakes. Companies make mistakes as well, and most consumers here in Ohio and elsewhere understand as long as the companies correct the problems quickly and without anyone being harmed. It is when consumers lose confidence in companies that product liability claims get filed.

Product liability claims could result from defective ladders

Whether an Ohio resident owns a home or a small business, a ladder may come in handy. Most people take care when climbing ladders since they are cognizant of the fact that if they fall, it could result in serious injuries, and this is when the ladder functions as intended. When a defective ladder causes serious injuries, it could turn into a product liability claim.

Will product liability claims arise from tainted cleansing foam?

Most stories surrounding patients contracting bacterial infections in hospitals seem to stem from unsanitary conditions such as a nurse failing to wash his or her hands between patients or an orderly failing to thoroughly disinfect a room. Few Ohio residents would think that a no-rinse, cleansing foam used for bathing patients after surgery would be a source of bacterial infections. Unfortunately, one such product has already led to infections and potential product liability claims.

Recalls of medical devices rose to an alarming number in 2018

Many people here in Ohio and across the country rely on technological marvels to continue living full and productive lives. Medical devices extend and enhance people's lives every day. Unfortunately, many of them also come with defects that cause more harm than good.

Pinnacle Foods may face product liability claims after recall

When Ohio residents go to the grocery store, they expect to make informed purchases. They may know that some products are not good for them, but at least they make their purchases knowing what should be in the products they buy. Sometimes, products contain contaminants unknown to consumers that cause serious illnesses. For example, Pinnacle Foods recently recalled one of its products due to contamination from toxins. The company could face product liability claims as a result.

Product liability claim may be just one aspect of teen's death

An absolute tragedy developed here in Ohio recently. A teenager reaching for his tennis gear ended up getting crushed to death when the third-row seat tipped over and pinned him. This is bad enough, and could spawn a product liability claim, but the situation got worse when he attempted to get help.

Will new product give adequate protection from toxic materials?

Construction workers here in Ohio and across the country are exposed to numerous hazards on the job. Their employers should provide them with the best safety equipment possible in order to reduce the potential for injury, including those that come from toxic materials. In light of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's new rules regarding crystalline silica, one company responded with a new product it claims will keep construction workers safe from this and other substances and materials that cause serious health problems.

Kratom considered a hazardous ingredient by the FDA

There is an opioid crisis raging here in Ohio and across the United States. Most of the media coverage surrounding this epidemic involves the use of prescription pain relievers given to patients who often unwittingly become addicted. However, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently identified a hazardous ingredient in dietary supplements that is causing a substantial amount of concern.

Product liability suit blames chocolate equipment for house fire

The Ohio public has the right to presume that the substances and items they purchase -- or even are secondarily exposed to -- are safe. Companies are supposed to ensure that the products they manufacture, distribute and sell are free from hazards, or -- in cases involving more dangerous items or materials -- to warn consumers of potential risks and offer instruction in safe handling. When companies fail to do so, they open themselves up to the possibility of product liability lawsuits from parties injured by their products.

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