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Products liability news: Dole announces recall of baby spinach

Many people are trying to eat healthier these days. When they go to the grocery store, they purchase fruits and vegetables they believe will help achieve that goal. Sadly, recalls of these otherwise nutritious foods happen far too often. One of the latest recalls from Dole Fresh Vegetables, Inc., could lead to products liability claims from consumers here in Ohio and elsewhere.

Product liability issues: Listeria can cause serious illness

It seems as though a different food ends up recalled every week. Some Ohio shoppers may wonder whether they can trust any products they purchase at this point while others consider the recalls more of a nuisance, but nothing more. One of the reasons why many food items end up taken off the shelves is due to contamination from Listeria, which can cause serious or fatal injuries in some segments of the population. In any case, more companies are issuing recalls in an abundance of caution in order to avoid product liability claims.

Company could face product liability claims after recalls

More and more people here in Ohio and elsewhere are trying to live healthier lives. As part of that quest, they may attempt to lose weight, which may involve making sure that their metabolisms are working properly and in balance. A company that used to sell a product to help with that endeavor recently closed its doors after recalls that could result in numerous product liability claims.

Toxic materials in AFFF could lead to significant health issues

What is AFFF or aqueous film forming foam? It is a synthetic fire suppressant foam created in the 1970s that contains toxic materials. If you work or worked as a member of the Armed Forces or as a fire fighter here in Ohio or elsewhere, you may have been exposed to AFFF and could experience significant health problems as a result.

Product liability news: Raw turkey products making people sick

In Ohio and across the country, many people use turkey as a healthier protein in their meals. The problem is that right now, it may not be as healthy as many people believe. In fact, raw turkey processing companies could face product liability claims in the aftermath of an outbreak of salmonella connected with some of these products.

Even when properly stored, hazardous materials can cause harm

Ohio residents who work in certain industries face more risk of harm than those in other positions. They deal with hazardous materials for which they should receive training in handling. They should also receive information and any necessary training regarding the storage of those items as well.

Patients could end up with hazardous materials in their bodies

Advances in technology help people across the country and here in Ohio live better lives. Medical devices give people another chance at life that they would not otherwise have. When they work well, that is. Unfortunately, there is a chance that the devices implanted in patients' bodies may not have undergone testing in order to avoid hazardous materials from causing harm to them.

Toxic materials could endanger the lives of welders

If you are a welder here in Ohio, you already know that your work comes with significant dangers. One of them occurs when you suffer exposure to toxic materials in welding rods. For example, some rods contain manganese, and the fumes created during the welding process could cause you significant harm.

Products liability news: Infant ibuprofen recalled

Like other parents in the country, Ohio parents do everything they can to keep their children healthy. When they are not, parents try to make them as comfortable as possible and give them the treatment they need in order to recover. In many households, that means giving infant ibuprofen, but right now, that could put a baby in more danger and lead to a products liability claim.

Does the pursuit of a weed-free yard mean using toxic materials?

Different people here in Ohio and across the nation have varying opinions on the company called Monsanto. Of all of its business dealings, the company gained fame by making an effective weed killer that people began purchasing in the 1970s. The problem is that the company's most famous product, Round Up, contains toxic materials.

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