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Roundup Litigation Archives

New pesticide approved by EPA admits Roundup litigation

Even as the debate surrounding glysophate continues across the country and here in Ohio, the Environmental Protection Agency recently approved a new product that could end up being just as bad, if not worse. Bayer, the company currently involved in numerous cases of Roundup litigation, sold the new herbicide to BASF when it purchased Monsanto back in 2018. The problem is that the new product may also cause cancer and can travel some distance through the air.

Cancer isn't the only concern in Roundup litigation

Spring is upon us and many parts of the country are already experiencing at least some spring-like temperatures, including some days here in Ohio. For many people, this means getting their yards and gardens ready for summer. Getting rid of weeds and other yard and garden issues could mean using a pesticide such as Roundup. People may be aware that it can cause certain types of cancer, but that does not mean the focus of all Roundup litigation concerns only that health malady.

Roundup litigation is bringing the dangers of glysophate to light

Living in nearly any of Ohio's residential neighborhoods means keeping your lawn looking good. For many people, this means using some sort of weed killer such as Roundup. When it came on the market back in the 1970s, the general public was not made aware of its dangers. In recent years, however, Roundup litigation has brought those dangers to light.

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