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What It Takes To Defend Against Internet Crimes

Every year, people spend more and more time on the internet and social media applications. The amount of information and ease of activity at people’s fingertips every second of every day has made them very comfortable with these applications. However, with that increase has come the increase of internet crimes.

Internet crime cases are extremely different from most criminal cases. They require trial lawyers who are software-savvy and have a certain expertise in dealing with the forensic applications that law enforcement uses. At Kelley Ferraro, LLC, our criminal defense lawyer has that expertise and has spent years handling these types of cases. As a former prosecutor, he knows how law enforcement and prosecutors approach these cases, which gives him insight into how to better defend against them. He even taught law enforcement officers some of the techniques they use to catch perpetrators today.

Types Of Internet Crimes

Examples of internet crimes include:

  • Identity theft, fraud, credit card fraud and other white collar crimes
  • Internet sex crimes such as pandering sexually oriented matter involving a minor, child solicitation and importuning
  • Hacking or phishing
  • Selling controlled substances, or soliciting or selling prostitution, online

Our legal team is well-versed in these types of crimes. We know how to enlist credible experts to challenge the state’s evidence when necessary. We can also pinpoint ways law enforcement may have made missteps or violated your rights, which may be grounds for dismissal.

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