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Facing criminal charges is frightening for anyone, let alone a child or teenager. As a parent, the worst possible thing to do is to take lightly a mistake that will negatively impact your child’s future. Missteps in handling juvenile crimes could shoulder them with lifelong consequences.

At Kelley Ferraro, LLC, we completely understand the emotionally charged nature of criminal cases involving children or teenagers. Our juvenile defense lawyer is determined to provide your child with the strongest possible defense. We are dedicated to helping them and doing everything we can in what will be one of the most difficult circumstances in their life.

How Juvenile Cases Are Different

Juvenile crimes are treated much differently than adult crimes. Children can be charged directly by a municipality via a complaint. In certain instances, minors could be taken into custody by law enforcement and either be held in the detention center or released immediately back to their parents while awaiting formal charges. Some minors could be sentenced to strict penalties that could negatively affect their college prospects or their future, held in confinement until their 21st birthday or tried as adults if the crime was severe. Even though juvenile courts prefer rehabilitation over punishment for minors for most criminal defenses, an experienced trial attorney is still vital.

Juvenile criminal defense requires experienced attorneys who have practiced and tried cases at the juvenile courthouse in Ohio.

Our lawyer has that experience. As a former prosecutor with more than 13 years of experience, he has the skill and insight to handle these high-stakes cases.

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