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Get A Strong And Strategic Defense Against Sex Crime Allegations

Being accused of a sexual offense can be stressful, embarrassing and life-shattering. On top of that, sometimes the police bring charges against a person with one person’s statement as the only evidence. The police can charge you with sexual assault for any kind of undesired physical contact or even sexual comments you made.

If you face any sex crime allegation, call Kelley Ferraro, LLC, as soon as possible. We can start working to build a strong and strategic defense against the charges. If your case is in the investigation stage, we may even be able to prevent criminal charges from being filed. Our defense lawyer is a former prosecutor who knows how to stand up for people against the most serious of allegations.

How These Charges Can Impact Your Future

Examples of sexual assault crimes include:

  • Rape
  • Sexual battery
  • Unlawful sexual conduct
  • Voyeurism

Not only could you face prison time, loss of employment and damage to your reputation if charged with a sex crime, but there are many other consequences if convicted. The courts could label you a sexually oriented offender, which could be for as little as 15 years to a life registration on the sex offender registry. This registration could prevent you from living in your community and retaining your employment.

Child Pornography Charges (Sexual Exploitation Of Children)

Producing, distributing or even possessing sexually explicit images of minors can lead to serious charges. These cases often require a tech-savvy defense and an attorney who is familiar with the forensic investigation process. Our trial lawyer knows how to skillfully defend against these charges, all the while working hard to protect your privacy and reputation.

Start Challenging The Sex Offense Charge | Free Consultation

With virtually any type of sex crime allegation, your entire future may hang in the balance. Don’t take chances. The sooner you enlist our help, the better we can assist you.

Start today by calling 888-981-1418 to talk directly with a criminal defense trial lawyer at Kelley Ferraro, LLC, or reaching out online to arrange a free consultation.

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