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Why Traffic Violations Should Be Taken Seriously

Traffic violations in Ohio aren’t just a nuisance. They can result in points on your driving record. Get enough points within a certain time period, and you could face suspension or even revocation of your driver’s license.

A suspension often leads to escalating charges. Given that many people rely on cars to get around on a daily basis, they may end up driving even after a license suspension. That can lead to additional criminal charges for driving while under suspension – all of which could have potentially been avoided by fighting the original traffic ticket.

Don’t Just Pay The Ticket

It is important to make sure your license remains clear of any violations and the more you drive, the higher the probability of getting pulled over or getting a traffic ticket. If you get a ticket, sometimes the best course of action isn’t to just pay it right away to avoid a court date. If you do this, your insurance could significantly increase or your license can have points attached to it or even be revoked.

At Kelley Ferraro, LLC, we can help you with all moving and nonmoving violations by trying to reduce or dismiss charges. Based in Cleveland, our defense lawyer has more than a decade of experience. He handles all kinds of traffic offenses including:

You Have Nothing To Lose By Seeking A Free Consultation

You may have strong grounds for fighting the ticket. Contact our defense attorney online or by calling 888-981-1418 prior to paying any moving or non­moving traffic violation to analyze your options during a free consultation.

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