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Were you prescribed powerful painkillers after surgery or because of an injury? Have you been having a difficult time weaning yourself off of them? Has a loved one become addicted to painkillers or even turned to illegal drugs when prescription painkillers were no longer available?

Overuse of power painkillers — known as opioids — has become a public health crisis throughout the U.S. According to the Ohio Department of Health, the opioid epidemic is killing more than eight people per day on average in the state.

At the Cleveland law firm of Kelley Ferraro, LLC, our attorneys pursue those who are to blame for injuries and deaths caused by dangerous pharmaceuticals.

Who Is To Blame For Opioid Addiction And Overdose?

While it may seem easy to place fault on the people who struggle with drug abuse and addictions, drug companies and medical professionals are more often to blame.

Drug manufacturers, distributors and medical experts who set standards for doctors, clinics and hospitals, are accused of downplaying the risks of the highly addictive drugs and spreading deceptive information for more than a decade. Negligent and careless prescribing methods by doctors, pharmacists and other care providers lead to unnecessary dependence and overdose of these powerful and dangerous drugs.

Opioid Litigation

If you have developed an addiction to pain killers, have lost a loved one because of an opioid overdose or have suffered harm because of opioids, you may be another victim of the opioid crisis. You should not be blamed for something that you are unable to control or prevent.

In the past few years, Ohio agencies have taken disciplinary action against hundreds of medical professionals who improperly prescribed opioid medications and thousands of clinicians who failed to track prescriptions in the state’s automated recording system. Numerous states have filed lawsuits again drug distributors and manufacturers as well.

You have the right to bring legal action against those who caused your or a loved one’s addiction, drug abuse or death. You do not need to fight this battle on your own.

How to fund the war against opioid addiction in your community

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