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Know Your Rights After Toxic Exposure To Paraquat Weed Killer

Paraquat, also known as Gramoxone, is a type of weed killer that is recognized by the U.S. government as a hazardous chemical. However, Paraquat is among the most common weed killers. While there are restrictions for its use, contamination and exposure are still possible in daily life – including through the food you eat.

If you suffered severe damage and suspect Paraquat exposure to be the cause, contact our law firm. At Kelley Ferraro, LLC, we advocate for farmworkers, chemical workers and families in Ohio and elsewhere across the nation. Our Cleveland trial lawyers know how to even the playing field against large corporations for you.

Signs Of Serious Illness Due To Paraquat

Paraquat can cause immediate or long-term damage through skin exposure, water or food consumption, or inhalation. Some cases of high exposure to Paraquat are fatal.

Depending on the amount and type of exposure, side effects of Paraquat poisoning can include:

  • Swelling and scarring around the throat, which may affect the ability to breathe and swallow
  • Gastrointestinal issues, such as vomiting
  • Lung damage, heart damage and respiratory failure
  • Kidney failure
  • Liver failure
  • Coma
  • Seizures

In addition, research in the past decade has found a noteworthy link between Paraquat exposure and Parkinson’s disease. You may have a legal claim for due to your toxic exposure years ago that led to your Parkinson’s disease.

Seek Justice And Compensation For Paraquat Poisoning

Treating Paraquat poisoning is often a complicated and invasive process. Patients may need to undergo blood filtration, breathing machine assistance, medication, diagnostic scans and hospital care. This treatment can be expensive and disruptive to the patient’s life – and some medical issues still may not be treatable.

If you suffered sickness due to Paraquat or Gramoxone or another common weed killer – Roundup, our experienced product liability attorneys can help you recover your losses. You deserve justice when dangerous chemicals harm you or a loved one.

Although manufacturers and agriculture companies may use weed killers to maximize their profits, we will hold them accountable for the often irreversible damage it causes. We have a track record of success in claims against powerful corporations, and we will fight for you.

Speak With An Experienced Legal Team

The effects of weed killer chemical exposure can be devastating. Our team at Kelley Ferraro, LLC, is ready to discuss your claim at a free consultation. Call 216-238-8654 or email us to get clear advice from a lawyer who listens to you.

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