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Should Ohio patients use non-FDA approved drugs?


Patients should have concrete knowledge about any medications they take that are not currently approved by the FDA to make better health decisions.

Depending on your health condition, there might be medication available prescribed by Ohio medical professionals that can treat you and improve your overall health. That being said, such medications may not be currently approved by the Federal Drug Administration. Find out whether it is a good idea to take non-FDA approved medication, or if you should seek out a viable alternative.

Prescribing medication off-label

Something of which all medical patients should be aware is the fact that the FDA approves medication for a specific and single health or medical purpose. There are situations in which a doctor might prescribe an FDA-approved pharmaceutical, but not for the condition for which the medication was approved. This does not present an automatic danger, because the doctor still has to use her or his professional judgment when deciding whether to prescribe the drug, but patients should still be aware when they are prescribed a medication for a non-FDA approved purpose.

It is worth noting here that off-label medication prescriptions are not an illegal practice. Doctors and scientists often do their own research before making off-label prescriptions. Even then, patients should be fully aware that the medication is not approved by the FDA for the purpose for which it is being prescribed.

Approved in other countries besides the U.S.

There are also medications that are approved in countries outside the U.S. In such cases, patients might sometimes receive a prescription for a drug currently unapproved by the FDA from a medical care provider outside the U.S. in a country where the drug is approved. The danger is that countries that approve a drug may not conduct the same tests as the FDA, tests that can reveal the drug is not as safe as manufacturers might lead the public to believe. There is also the fact that some doctors and other health care professionals might not share the FDA’s opinion and prescribe the medication anyway.

Information missing from the medication’s label

Besides countries other than the U.S prescribing non-FDA approved medications, there are also situations in which drug manufacturers neglect to include information regarding the fact that their creations are not approved by the FDA. This is one reason patients should be sure they do research on their own about the general safety of the drugs they are prescribed.

Ohio patients who suffer from complications due to the medications they take should seek both legal and medical assistance. Consulting with an attorney can bring peace of mind and the information needed to plan your next step and to do so with confidence.

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