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You have legal rights after asbestos exposure leads to illness

Like other patients here in Ohio and elsewhere, your legal options are more than likely not your first thought after receiving a devastating diagnosis of mesothelioma. You may already know that this particular disease most often results from asbestos exposure. At some point during your life, more than likely at your job, you were around this toxic substance. It is possible that you could receive benefits and/or restitution due to your condition.

Are Ohio children at risk for asbestos exposure?

Many of the schools throughout Ohio have been attended by generations of family members. This often spawns many trips down memory lane as older family members tell tales of their time in those schools to younger generations. What many of them may not realize, though, is that because of the age of those buildings, children could be at risk for asbestos exposure.

Did school give adequate warnings about asbestos exposure?

Many old school buildings here in Ohio could use updates. If construction commences, the possibility of asbestos exposure could exist. For this reason, the school, the school district and construction companies need to proceed with care and issue warnings of possible exposure, especially if this toxic material is found in the building.

Your retirement was not supposed to include a rare form of cancer

After years of working and planning your retirement, you probably looked forward to your vision of those years becoming a reality. Then, decades after your work and your dreams began, you went to see your doctor here in Ohio with what you thought was a routine health concern and discovered it was much worse than you ever could have anticipated. Your doctor told you that you suffer from a rare form of cancer called mesothelioma.

Construction workers continue to be at risk for asbestos exposure

Would a construction worker readily recognize the presence of toxic materials at a work site? More than likely, the answer to that question would be in the negative since it is nearly impossible to know for sure without the proper testing. One of the largest risks to these workers when it comes to harmful substances is asbestos exposure, especially when working on some of Ohio's older buildings.

Claire's makeup puts consumers at risk for asbestos exposure

Ohio residents with teenage girls may remember that this is not the first time the boutique store Claire's has been in the news because the Food and Drug Administration found something dangerous and toxic in one of its makeup products. Back in 2017, a concerned mother had her daughter's makeup tested, and it came back positive for asbestos. Recently, another of Claire's makeup products puts purchasers at risk of asbestos exposure.

Did tenants suffer from asbestos exposure?

Many of the buildings in Ohio have a rich history, but not all of it may be good. Living in an older apartment building could come with certain risks to the tenants. For instance, if the structure was built decades ago, the risk of asbestos exposure remains a concern. Most residents don't give it a thought since they expect their landlords to ensure they are safe from toxic materials.

What life may look like after a rare, asbestos-related cancer

One of the first things that people diagnosed with mesothelioma hear is that this particular condition is incurable, and often terminal. Nearly everyone who contracts this rare cancer does so through exposure to asbestos. Those fortunate enough to survive through their treatment protocol never quite return to their normal lives.

What parts of the body are affected by asbestos-related cancer?

Ohio residents who suffered from asbestos exposure at some point in their lives could live for years, decades in fact, wondering whether that exposure will come back to haunt them. The possibility of contracting a rare asbestos-related cancer called mesothelioma could loom over their heads for up to 50 years. The question that could be on their minds is what parts of the body this cancer affects.

The dangers of asbestos exposure were known for decades

There was a time when employers here in Ohio and across the country were not held to the same standards as they are today when it comes to keeping their workers safe. This is best illustrated by the fact that it appears numerous companies knew of the dangers of asbestos exposure for decades. Even so, they failed to protect those who worked for them.

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