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The role of drivers' failure to yield in car accidents

As every driver in Ohio or elsewhere should know, certain rules apply to the movement of vehicles on roadways. When everyone obeys those rules, the flow of traffic gets everyone to their destinations safely. However, when a driver deviates from the rules either mistakenly or intentionally, it leads to car accidents. Each year, numerous people suffer injuries, and perhaps die, due to a driver's failure to yield the right of way, which is an important part of keeping everyone safe.

Car accidents bring communities together for grieving families

One wrong decision or lapse in judgment behind the wheel can change the course of an Ohio family forever. Distracted, impaired and drowsy drivers may not mean to endanger the lives of everyone around them, but they do. Several serious or even deadly car accidents occur for these reasons. When they do, the deceased victims' communities tend to rally around the surviving family members.

Automobile accidents are a real risk for postal workers

Postal workers here in Ohio and elsewhere who deliver mail spend a significant amount of their workdays in their vehicles. This increases their risk of being involved in automobile accidents. Many have suffered serious or deadly injuries over the years due to other drivers' mistakes.

Truck drivers are not always at fault in vehicle accidents

Anytime people here in Ohio or elsewhere see a crash involving an 18-wheeler, it would be easy to assume that the truck driver caused it. However, big rig drivers are not always at fault in vehicle accidents. Often, passenger car drivers are the ones who end up causing an accident.

Innocent victims often lose their lives in head-on collisions

Like everywhere else, Ohio residents rely on drivers to follow the rules and keep the safety of others in mind as they travel the state's roadways. The sad reality is that many people each year end up disappointed because some drivers fail to do so. In fact, innocent victims often end up losing their lives or suffering serious injuries in head-on collisions.

Alcohol-related car accidents ruin the holiday season

Like others across the country, many people here in Ohio are preparing for the holidays. As they make their plans, attend holiday gatherings and shop for gifts, they could be out and about at all hours of the day and night. Sadly, some will become embroiled in alcohol-related car accidents that, at a minimum, put a damper on the holiday season. In fact, for some victims and their families, things may never be the same.

Personal injury issues: Was the other driver too sleepy to drive?

Most Ohio residents lose sleep periodically for a variety of reasons. Most of them would not even think twice about driving thereafter, even though it may be dangerous to do so. If a lack of sleep plays a significant role in an accident, it could be used in a personal injury claim to establish negligence on the part of the sleepy driver.

Passengers often pay for driver mistakes in car accidents

In Ohio and elsewhere, drivers do not always make the best decisions behind the wheel. They often make mistakes that sometimes lead to car accidents. When that happens, their passengers could pay the price for putting their trust in them and suffer serious injuries.

Restitution in truck vs. car accidents may require some help

The last thing you expected to happen when you woke up that day was to end up in an Ohio hospital suffering from serious injuries. You got there because a large, heavy 18-wheeler slammed into your vehicle. Now that you are home and working on your recovery, you may wonder what you can do to obtain restitution for the financial losses already incurred and those you will incur in the future. You know that people before you have done the same after suffering injuries in truck vs. car accidents, but you may not know where to begin.

Emergency vehicles sometimes cause fatal car accidents

People rely on Ohio's emergency responders to protect them, tend to their wounds and save their lives. The problem is that sometimes, the emergency responders are the ones that create the danger those innocent people face. Emergency vehicles sometimes cause car accidents on route to calls, and some of them are fatal.

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