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Witnesses can help reconstruct car accidents

In some crashes, investigators here in Ohio may not be able to adequately reconstruct them right away. Instead, they rely on a combination of science, physical evidence and witness statements in order to determine how certain car accidents happened. For this reason, law enforcement agencies may put out a public plea for anyone with information regarding a particular crash to contact them.

Car accidents can lead to more crashes due to stopped traffic

Some days, crashes on Ohio's roadways cause a snowball effect. When car accidents occur, traffic obviously needs to slow or stop in order to avoid colliding with the wreckage and emergency vehicles. As vehicles wait and/or get rerouted, it is imperative that all drivers coming upon the scene are paying attention in order to avoid colliding with another vehicle and causing another accident, but that does not always happen.

Investigators may take some time to find causes for car accidents

The mechanics of a crash are often the easiest part of any investigation. Determining what factors contributed to the crash may take more time, and may be particularly elusive in some cases. Understanding the causes of car accidents often helps officials here in Ohio, and across the rest of the country, figure out what efforts they may employ in order to lower their number.

Intersections are a primary location for car accidents

Just about every road in Ohio sees crashes at some point. However, intersections tend to have a larger than normal amount of car accidents. This is the place where traffic control devices are prevalent, but some drivers fail to adhere to them. Accidents range from minor fender benders to severe wrecks in which people suffer serious injuries or lose their lives.

Low settlement offers are normal after car accidents

Auto insurance companies are in the business of making money. As such, they are more than willing to accept premium payments, but hesitate to pay out claims after car accidents. When Ohio residents receive a settlement offer after a crash, they should automatically assume that the offer will not be enough to cover all of the financial losses associated with it.

Car accidents continue to happen despite red light cameras

Local governments continue to look for ways to reduce the number of vehicle crashes that occur in their jurisdictions. Some areas decided to install cameras on their traffic signals that would take photos of drivers who run red lights. The problem is that a study done by Cleveland's own Case Western Reserve University indicates that red light cameras are not decreasing the number of car accidents and may actually increase them.

Ohio's interstates have too many fatal vehicle accidents

The interstates that run through Ohio carry a lot of traffic each day. With that many vehicles in the same place, it is no wonder that those roads also become the scene of numerous serious and fatal vehicle accidents. The drivers causing these accidents may fall into one or more of three common categories -- drowsy, impaired or distracted.

Multiple vehicle accidents can easily lead to fatalities

Interstates and highways here in Ohio and elsewhere are designed to keep traffic moving. Unfortunately, there are many times when the traffic slows or actually comes to a complete stop, especially in construction zones. One driver's mistake in these areas could lead to multiple vehicle accidents, which could easily lead to fatalities.

Will stopping speeders in work zones curb car accidents?

Many Ohio motorists get irritated with road construction. It slows traffic and often requires roadways to go down to one lane. This causes some drivers to attempt to get around the bulk of the traffic ahead of them by speeding through the work zones and cause car accidents.

Rear-end vehicle accidents can result in fatalities

Many Ohio residents consider rear-end collisions as "fender benders" that do not result in much damage to person or property. However, these types of vehicles accidents can, and sometimes do, result in fatalities. One instance in which a rear-end vehicle accidents could become fatal is when one of the vehicles involved is a motorcycle or tricycle.

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