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Posts tagged "Products Liability"

IVC filters remain a danger to Ohio patients

Anyone here in Ohio or elsewhere who has suffered from a pulmonary embolism, which is a blood clot in the lung, knows just how scary it can be. This condition is considered life threatening, and once the danger has passed, some doctors will want to take aggressive measures to prevent future occurrences by implanting IVC filters in their patients. The problem is that this medical device can cause substantial harm and even death.

Company finds toxic materials in its CBD oil

The popularity of CBD oils has increased dramatically in recent years across the country and here in Ohio. It claims numerous health benefits -- as long as it is not contaminated with toxic materials. For instance, Summitt Labs recently issued a recall of one of its brands of CBD oil due to dangerous levels of lead.

What makes some hazardous materials carcinogens?

Numerous people here in Ohio and elsewhere across the country receive diagnoses of cancer every day. Some of those individuals contracted their conditions after exposure to hazardous materials labeled as carcinogens. The question many people may have is how a certain substance or material receives this label.

Research shows this leads to faster medical product recalls

With all of the upheaval in the pharmaceutical industry right now, patients, doctors and consumers may have trouble knowing whether a certain drug or device is safe for them to use. Whether here in Ohio or somewhere else in the country, patients deserve to know as quickly as possible that something could be wrong with the medications or medical devices they need. Recent research shows that one factor could speed up medical product recalls -- the gender of a company's CEO.

FDA issues Class I recall for defective insulin pumps

Ohio residents who live with Type 1 diabetes may discover their lives are in jeopardy. Medtronic manufactures an insulin pump called the MiniMed that comes in two versions -- one for people age 16 and up and one for children ages 7 and up. The Food and Drug Administration recently issued a Class I recall for certain lots of the MiniMed due to a problem with a missing or broken retainer ring.

Cybersecurity concerns make some medical devices dangerous

Some technology allows doctors to monitor patients remotely as they go about their lives. Other medical devices allow monitoring of patients from a central location, such as a nursing station for hospitalized patients here in Ohio and elsewhere. The latter became the subject of a warning from the Food and Drug Administration after GE Healthcare issued a letter in Nov. 2019 regarding concerns that the company's Clinical Information Central Stations and Telemetry Servers could be vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

FDA warns of hazardous materials in the operating room

As is the case anywhere else in the country, operating rooms in Ohio's hospitals and surgery centers need to be as sterile as possible in order to help reduce the risk of serious infection to the patient. Anytime the internal structures of the body are exposed, the patient's life is jeopardized not only from the procedure itself, but also from everything in the room. If the materials and tools used are not properly sterilized, they become hazardous materials and a source of infection for the patient.

Glysophate lawsuits pile up despite Bayer saying it's safe

It could easily be said that the weed killer called Roundup put Monsanto on the map. When Bayer purchased that company, the larger company inherited some legal matters, including thousands of glysophate lawsuits filed by individuals across the country, including some here in Ohio, who believe that chemical caused their cancer. Even as Bayer negotiates a settlement, the company continues to assert that glysophate is safe.

Hazardous materials found in yet another food product

It seems as though there have been far too many news stories lately about contaminated foods. Many contain hazardous materials that have no place in foods that consumers purchase, eat and serve to their families. Some Ohio consumers may already know that the one of the latest products in question comes from Nestle USA.

Ohio company recalls beef product for hazardous materials

Kenosha Beef International is based here in Ohio. Recently, the company recalled one of its products due to the presence of hazardous materials. Somehow, metal shavings got into an undetermined amount of a seasoned beef product produced by the company, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service. This is considered a Class I recall, which means consumption of the product could cause significant harm.

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