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Bill could affect compensation for asbestos exposure victims

A bill that would negatively affect the compensation that asbestos victims receive is currently being considered by Congress despite a recent study showing that annual asbestos related deaths are higher than previous estimates. Ohio victims of asbestos exposure likely understand how important legal recourse can be when fighting illnesses related to that exposure. Any delay could prolong a victim's suffering, which compensation from asbestos trusts is meant to address.

Is asbestos exposure really that serious?

Asbestos' effectiveness as a fire retardant led it to become a commonly used insulation product in many homes and other buildings in the United States. However, it was not until people began to grow ill from continued exposure that consumers learned of its deadly side effects. Although people in Ohio are now mostly protected from asbestos exposure in newer buildings, there is still a surprising amount of risk in certain areas that can lead to mesothelioma or other serious illnesses. 

Victory for teenage victims of asbestos exposure

Gaining work experience and training for future employment can prove invaluable for high school students in Ohio, and, as a result, many students take advantage of programs that offer these benefits. Sadly, not all programs have participants' best interests in mind. A former nonprofit organization was recently slammed with hefty fines by a judge for intentional asbestos exposure.

Asbestos exposure causes hundreds of deaths in small town

Criticism of the Environmental Protection Agency resulted in a delay in an important study on the risks of asbestos exposure. W.R. Grace & Company believes that the threshold where asbestos exposure poses a hazard to humans that was set by the EPA is too low. However, asbestos exposure from a W.R. Grace mine may have led to hundreds of deaths and even more injuries. Families of victims in Ohio may already be familiar with the impact that this can have on a community.

Asbestos exposure can lead to cancer

Asbestos is a major concern for numerous Ohio residents. In a previous post, we discussed both the dangers of asbestos exposure and those individuals who may be most affected by it. In this article, we will go into further detail about the form of cancer that is typically associated with exposure to asbestos and what options are available for treatment and compensation.

Asbestos exposure a reason for concern for Ohio women

When many women think about cancer, their first thought is generally breast cancer. While breast cancer is certainly a valid concern and the cause of death for numerous women every year, lung cancer is in fact responsible for killing more Americans than any other cancer. Lung cancer causes are most often attributed to smoking or second-hand smoke, but Ohio patients found to have lung cancer should consider other causes, such as asbestos exposure.

Former employees sue famous arena over asbestos exposure

The famed Nassau Coliseum on New York's Long Island will soon be losing its only tenant. The New York Islanders of the National Hockey League recently announced that they will be moving to the Barclays Center in Downtown Brooklyn after their lease expires in 2015.

Demolition of vacant homes draws concerns

As we have reported in past posts, demolition projects must be carefully planned and executed so that harmful substances are not carried into the air. Especially when materials containing asbestos are considered, demolition projects can pose a health risk to workers and passersby alike.

Cover up of improper removals leads to $400K fine

Asbestos removal can be a costly and delicate process. It is important that the guidelines regarding proper removal be followed, for the consequences could be deadly to unwitting workers. Also the fine and penalties associated with violating OSHA regulations (as well as state and federal environmental laws) can be much more than removal costs.

Housing market rebounding, but asbestos still a concern

News of residential home price renaissance is good news for the nation's economy. Many people in Ohio still remember how the housing crisis crippled financial markets and led to a damaging recession. Nevertheless, Bloomberg News reports that home prices improved in 88 percent of U.S. cities, including the Cleveland metropolitan area. The rise in prices indicates that qualified people are confident about buying again and the market has finally stabilized.

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