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Pharmaceutical Liability Archives

Food and Drug Administration reviewing policies for device makers

Unlike the makers of pharmaceutical drugs, those who manufacture medical devices apparently receive little oversight. Some critics report that the few rules the FDA issues to device manufacturers are often ignored with impunity. In fact, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has re-assessed its own policies for evaluating medical devices. Unless changes are made, some fear that patients in Ohio and elsewhere may be at risk when those devices are used as part of their medical treatment.

Food and Drug Administration concerned over study bias

People in Ohio and across the country have been indoctrinated to read labels. They are told that labels on everything from cereal to cigarettes contain important information to help them make educated choices. However, the Food and Drug Administration is following the money trail after a leading pharmaceutical company petitioned to have serious warnings removed from the labels of one of its products. Consumers may now suspect that once trustworthy labels may not be entirely truthful.

Food and Drug Administration: Misclassified patient deaths

People suffering from chronic conditions may be excited to learn of a new product that offers relief. After hearing that the medical device has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, they may feel confident that the product is safe. However, each year consumers in Ohio hear reports of FDA approved medical products that have caused deaths. Even more disturbing is that sometimes thousands of people become victims of these defective devices before changes are made.

Asbestos exposure might have occurred at Ohio high school

A burst pipe led to an unsettling discovery at one Ohio high school. An untold number of students could suffer from asbestos exposure after the toxic substance was discovered in the school building. Cancer and other asbestos-related diseases typically take a significant amount of time to develop, and students who recently attended the school might not be aware of the full effects of the exposure.

Popular anti-nausea medicine linked to drug injuries

Prescription medication has the power to change a person's life for the better. With the right medication, a patient can experience less pain and injury and can even have a more fulfilling life. Most physicians in Ohio prescribe medications to patients who they believe can benefit from its use, but few are aware of the serious risks and drug injuries associated with certain prescription drugs.

Prince's death shines light on fentanyl's drug injuries

Prescription medication safety sounds as if it should be a rather straightforward matter. If a drug is both effective and unlikely to cause harm to the patient when taken as prescribed, many people in Ohio perceive it to be a safe medication. However, dangerous medication and drug injuries are far more complex than this, which was recently demonstrated by the fentanyl-related death of pop singer Prince.

Food and Drug Administration blamed for ongoing scope use

Despite safeguards that are supposed to prevent defective medical devices and pharmaceutical drugs from ever reaching the general public, dangerous products continue to sneak through quality control. It is not unreasonable to expect the Food and Drug Administration to act in a timely manner once these dangers are discovered, yet it is, apparently, not adhering to its responsibility to Ohio consumers. Inaction by the FDA has reportedly resulted in patients being repeatedly exposed to dangerous bacteria.

FDA alert: Powdered gloves pose risk

Health professionals in Ohio wear latex surgical gloves in order to protect both themselves and patients during a variety of procedures and examinations. These staples of safety have long been employed in hospitals and other medical institutions, but the Food and Drug Administration claims that they might pose more risk than previously realized. The FDA is now moving to ban the powdered version of surgical gloves in order to protect a greater number of patients.

Food and Drug Administration investigating counterfeit resin

Investigators claim that an untold number of patients were put directly at risk by Boston Scientific Corporation's unsavory business practices. The Food and Drug Administration is currently leading the main investigation into the resin that the company used to make its surgical vaginal mesh product. Female patients all across the United States -- including in Ohio -- were seriously injured because the resin used in the mesh was actually counterfeit.

Pharmaceutical litigation is governed by product liability laws

Lawsuits for personal injury or death arising from the use of prescribed pharmaceuticals are included in that area of tort law known as product liability. The three generally used theories of recovery in a product liability case filed in Ohio and elsewhere are negligence, strict liability and breach of warranty. Each of those claims is proved by a different set of facts, but in tort law, including in pharmaceutical litigation, alternative and even conflicting theories may be alleged and proved.

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