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Pharmaceutical Liability Archives

Have you suffered from drug injuries in Ohio?

Ohio residents who purchase pharmaceuticals have the right to expect that the products they are using have been tested and approved for safety. In some incidents, people have suffered drug injuries after using defective products. Such an injury can range from mild to tragic, with some dangerous products resulting in death to those who have used them.

Pharmaceutical litigation could follow EpiPen recall

Food and even some environmental allergies pose a life-threatening risk to those who suffer from them. Epinephrine injectors -- commonly referred to as EpiPens -- are often the first line of defense when a person begins to experience an anaphylactic reaction. However, a defect in a commonly used brand of EpiPen put people in Ohio and across the country in serious danger of not receiving their medication in the event of an allergic reaction, and could possibly lead to an onslaught of pharmaceutical litigation.

Cholesterol-lowering statins linked to drug injuries in patients

Statins are some of the most popularly prescribed medications in America, with millions of people in Ohio and across the country taking this medication daily in order to help lower their cholesterol levels. High cholesterol is well understood to increase the chance of suffering serious health afflictions like a stroke or heart attack, but taking medication to lower those levels might be doing more harm than good. Drug injuries associated with statin use is beginning to surface, with those affected suffering from an astronomically high risk of death.

Johnson & Johnson allegedly hid Risperdal related drug injuries

The vast majority of people want to understand not only the benefits of a prescription medication, but also the possible side-effects and risks that it can cause. For nearly anyone in Ohio who requires the aid of a prescription medication, this information can play a key role in their overall health management. When a patient or consumer suffers serious or severe drug injuries from an undisclosed health risk, the outcome can be devastating.

Why did the Food and Drug Administration pull my medication?

Before actually hitting the market and becoming available to patients, prescription medications undergo extensive research and rigorous testing. For the most part this keeps dangerous and defective drugs from ever reaching the market, but on occasion the Food and Drug Administration -- the FDA -- will yank a medication off of the shelves. This decision can stem from a variety of reasons, most of which pertain to patient health and safety.

Antibiotic found to be common cause of drug injuries

While no medication is without its potential risks or side effects, those risks should not be unreasonable. Unfortunately, recent data indicates that cephalosporin medications could lead to serious and painful injuries after only one dose. This discovery might not be that much of a surprise to Ohio patients who suffered drug injuries while undergoing treatment with this class of antibiotics. 

Failure to contact patients for recalls can lead to drug injuries

If asked to remember the last time that they heard of a motor vehicle being recalled, most people in Ohio might be able to readily answer. Now, if questioned about the most recent drug recall, many consumers might have trouble recalling a specific case. Unfortunately, an apparent lack of transparency from pharmaceutical companies could be leading to unnecessary drug injuries.

Drug injuries from generic medication deserve compensation too

Between years of research and development, clinical trials and FDA approval, most patients in Ohio probably feel fairly comfortable taking prescription medication without worrying about possible repercussions. Unfortunately, drug injuries can and do occur, putting victims in difficult positions. Although some victims are able to successfully seek compensation from the manufacturers, there is one sector of consumers who have recently been left out of the right to pursue compensation for devastating injuries. 

Victims claim their drug injuries came from popular antibiotic

The drug manufacturer Janssen Pharmaceuticals is standing by one of its highly controversial drugs despite the FDA issuing a black box warning against it. Although black box warning might not be a term that is discussed much in Ohio, the implications are serious. Whether drug injuries have been reported or not, a black box warning is the final step a medication has before it is yanked from the market. 

For Actos victims, pharmaceutical litigation may be appropriate

With seemingly more and more people in Ohio struggling with type 2 diabetes, an effective and reliable form of treatment can be life changing for sufferers. In addition to diet modification, prescription medication is a popular tool for people to control their symptoms. Unfortunately, the type 2 diabetes medication Actos may cause more harm than good and is suspected of causing serious drug injuries. For victims, pharmaceutical litigation may be an appropriate option.

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