When Harmful Products Injure Innocent Victims

There are times when a product we use or to which we are exposed is unreasonably dangerous due to poor design or defects in its manufacture. Additionally, a product can be unreasonably dangerous in certain circumstances and can be defective if the manufacturer or supplier fails to properly warn of its danger in foreseeable circumstances.

At the law firm of Kelley & Ferraro, LLP, in Cleveland, Ohio, our attorneys help injury victims and their families receive compensation for their losses from:

  • Harmful products
  • Defective medical devices
  • Dangerous drugs
  • Products subject to recall

For information regarding claims arising from exposure to silica, asbestos or manganese, see our  Hazardous and Toxic Materials page.

Certain drugs, medical devices and substances used in surgical procedures such as certain types of gel can result in injury and/or diseases if prescribed:

  • For the wrong reasons
  • For the wrong patient
  • Prior to adequate product testing
  • Without adequate warnings or instructions for use

Kelley & Ferraro has handled thousands of product liability cases and represented clients exposed to a number of drugs, including Rezulin, Baycol, Fen-Phen/Redux/Pondimin, Prempro and Meridia.

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