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Accident victim’s husband files wrongful death lawsuit

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2013 | Wrongful Death

Families in Cleveland and beyond may find it difficult to move forward with their lives after they lose a loved one in a car accident. Fortunately, as one recent news story shows, families can pursue legal action to hold negligent drivers accountable for their actions.

The husband of a woman who died in a head-on collision in Ohio last April has filed a wrongful death lawsuit. He is seeking more than $25,000.

The fatal crash happened on April 12. The man’s 28-year-old wife was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident after her minivan collided with a vehicle being driven by a 54-year-old woman. The victim’s two children were also in the minivan at the time of the accident. One of them was injured in the crash.

In addition to facing a wrongful death lawsuit, the 54-year-old woman faces criminal charges. She is charged with vehicular homicide. Her trial is set to begin in April.

No amount of money can change the events of the past. However, a successful wrongful death lawsuit may give family members a sense of justice knowing that a negligent driver has been held responsible.

Because people use their cars so frequently, many forget how powerful a motor vehicle can be. When drivers are not paying attention to the road, serious car accidents can occur. The same is true when drivers fail to follow traffic laws and when they choose to drive impaired.

Whether you live in Cleveland or elsewhere, people who get behind the wheel of a car must do all that they can to prevent a tragic accident from happening. As most Cleveland readers know, a life can be taken in an instant when one person chooses to drive recklessly.

Source: Salem News, “Lawsuit filed in fatal accident,” Deanne Johnson, Jan. 23, 2013


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