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Car Accidents

4 causes of distracted driving

Auto accidents happen for many reasons, such as drunkenness, aggression and speeding. A large cause of auto accidents is distracted driving. Distracted driving happens cognitively, manually and visually.  Anyone can become distracted while driving. Here are a few...

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A car crash can seriously damage the heart

Of all the types of injury that can be caused by a serious car crash, damage to the heart isn’t typically one that most people consider. However, people can suffer a myocardial contusion (or cardiac contusion), which is a blunt injury to the heart. This type of injury...

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Fatal road crashes have increased in Ohio

The number of fatal crashes in Ohio and the rest of the U.S. has increased. The total figure for people who died in crashes in 2021 has been set at 42,915. This figure is a spike of 10.5% up from 2020. Traffic deaths are the highest in years The National Highway...

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Cause of head-on collision eludes police

When police arrive at the scene of an accident, the mechanics of what happened may not take much investigation to determine. For instance, in a head-on collision, it would normally be obvious that one vehicle was headed in the wrong direction and crashed into another...

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