4 causes of distracted driving

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2023 | Car Accidents

Auto accidents happen for many reasons, such as drunkenness, aggression and speeding. A large cause of auto accidents is distracted driving. Distracted driving happens cognitively, manually and visually. 

Anyone can become distracted while driving. Here are a few common causes of distracted driving:

1. Texting

Billions of people have phones. They make communication of information and data easier. Phones are also one of the biggest causes of distracted driving. A call or text could draw away a driver’s attention. If a driver looks at their phone while driving, then they are opening themselves up to accidents. 

2. Eating

Many people drive through fast food restaurants for a quick meal. These meals are especially beneficial for people who are going to or leaving work or school. However, many people are likely to eat their meals while driving. Looking into a bag, unwrapping a meal or sticking a straw in a drink are all common distractions. 

3. Radios

While it may not be the biggest cause of distracted driving accidents, radios have caused some. Many people change the radio while driving to find a better song or news channel. However, the concentration to find a better channel, taking a hand off the wheel to turn the knob and looking away to see what’s playing are all actions that lead to distracted driving.

4. Passengers

Cars are made to transport multiple people at once. Many people enjoy having company as they drive to wherever they’re going. However, passengers can also cause distractions. A child, for example, may try to get the attention of a driver. Or, a conversation between the driver and passenger may cause a driver to lose focus on the road.

A distracted driving accident can cause severe injuries, losses and vehicle damage. Victims of distracted driving may need to learn how they can seek compensation through their legal options.


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