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What is the five-year survival rate for mesothelioma?

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2024 | Mesothelioma

Some cancers are minor. People develop localized cancer or benign tumors. Doctors can sometimes surgically remove cancer. Such patients may experience a full recovery. They achieve remission and live healthy lives.

Other times, patients must undergo more aggressive treatment. Even then, they may not achieve remission. Different types of cancer have different medical consequences. Some cancers respond well to treatment and spread slowly. Others are aggressive and hard to treat.

Mesothelioma grows slowly at first. Oftentimes, mesothelioma begins with asbestos exposure. It may be 20 years or even longer before they have cancer symptoms. Mesothelioma grows in the lining of the organs. It may spread to other parts of the body. What is the survival rate for those diagnosed with mesothelioma?

Five-year survival rates are low

Some cancers are deadlier than others. Not all cancers respond to treatment even if people try the most aggressive options. People need context to make choices about their medical care. Survival rates give people an idea of what to expect after their diagnosis. They can help someone decide if they want to undergo invasive treatment.

Establishing a survival rate for cancer isn’t easy. Researchers compare how likely someone is to be alive in five years to the survival rates of those without cancer. Mesothelioma has a poor prognosis overall. The survival rate is quite low. It averages just 12% when looking at all forms of mesothelioma. The type of mesothelioma affects someone’s prognosis. So does the stage of the cancer. The farther it spreads, the harder it is to treat. Someone with localized mesothelioma has a 24% five-year survival rate.

Earlier diagnosis can improve someone’s chances of survival. Better treatment options can also be crucial. Early interventions can slow the spread of mesothelioma. They can also improve someone’s quality of life during their illness. The cost of the best treatments is often quite high. Some of the best options may not be eligible for insurance coverage. Patients may need to pay for their own care in some cases.

People recently diagnosed with mesothelioma may need to pursue compensation. Any compensation they obtain could help pay for care. It could also provide support for their loved ones. Filing a lawsuit related to asbestos exposure can help people pay for mesothelioma treatment.


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