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When Trouble Comes, Get A Trial Lawyer

Criminal matters are extremely serious and have the potential to affect every aspect of your life for years. A conviction or an accusation of a crime can affect your family, your employment, your home, your reputation and your future. If you’ve been charged with a crime or even find out that you may be the subject of an investigation of a criminal offense, exercise your right to an attorney and contact Kelley & Ferraro, LLP, immediately.

At Kelley & Ferraro, LLP, our firm consists of lawyers who have handled hundreds of criminal trials and thousands of criminal cases ranging from low-level misdemeanors to felony murder cases.

Our attorneys will fight vigorously in your defense and will guide you through the process from beginning to end. Whether it’s the formation of an investigation against you or an arraignment for an offense you have been charged with, we will be with you and fight for you until acquittal, dismissal of a charge or reduction in sentence.

Violent Crimes

If the police accuse you of committing a violent crime either by harming or threatening to harm another individual, you need to speak with a trial lawyer immediately.

Examples of violent crimes include:

  • Murder
  • Robbery
  • Aggravated burglary
  • Felonious assault
  • Simple assault

These crimes could have a lasting impact not only on your relationship with your family but also on your freedom. Even a misdemeanor like simple assault could have a lasting impact. You could face jail time, community control sanctions, anger management classes, a hefty fine or a restraining order.

You cannot afford not to be represented by a trial attorney with many years of experience in this area of law. A violent crime conviction could mean many years in prison with the worst offenders in the state or, if convicted of murder, life imprisonment.

Internet Crimes 

Every year, people spend more time on the internet and social media applications. The amount of information and ease of activity at people’s fingertips every second of every day have made them very comfortable with these applications. However, with that increase has come the increase of internet crimes.

Internet crime cases are extremely different from most criminal cases. They require trial lawyers who are software savvy and have a certain expertise in dealing with the forensic applications that law enforcement uses. The trial lawyers of Kelley & Ferraro, LLP, have that expertise and have spent years handling these types of cases. We have even taught law enforcement officers some of the techniques they use to catch perpetrators today.

Examples of internet crimes include:

  • Identity theft
  • Fraud crimes
  • Credit card fraud
  • Internet sex crimes
    • Pandering sexually oriented matter involving a minor
    • Child solicitation
    • Importuning

The trial lawyers of Kelley & Ferraro, LLP, are experienced and well versed in internet crimes. If you have a search warrant executed against your residence, you are being investigated by law enforcement or you have been charged with an internet crime, call the trial lawyers at Kelley & Ferraro, LLP, immediately.

Sex Crimes And Child Exploitation

Being charged with a sexual offense can be stressful and embarrassing. On top of that, sometimes the police bring charges against a person with one person’s statement as the only evidence. The police can charge you with sexual assault for any kind of undesired physical contact or even sexual comments you made.

If you face any sex crime allegation, call the trial lawyers at Kelley & Ferraro, LLP, as soon as possible. Examples of sexual assault crimes include:

  • Rape
  • Sexual battery
  • Kidnapping
  • Unlawful sexual conduct
  • Voyeurism

Not only could you face prison time, loss of employment and damage to your reputation if charged with a sex crime, but there are many other consequences if convicted. The courts could label you a sexually oriented offender, which could be for as little as 15 years to a life registration on the sex offender registry. This registration could prevent you from living in your community and retaining your employment.

White Collar Crimes

Most white collar crimes are financially motivated and, while nonviolent in nature, the courts take them very seriously and can dole out harsh penalties. A conviction or even an allegation can destroy your professional reputation.

The trial lawyers at Kelley & Ferraro, LLP, have dealt with all white collar crimes in Ohio, whether that is just an individual being prosecuted for mistakes in the workplace, corporations not abiding by guidelines that are required or inter-office disputes amongst parties. These crimes are considered deeply troubling because they are violations of trust.

Examples of white collar crimes include:

  • Money laundering
  • Fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Extortion
  • Bribery

A white collar crime rises to the level of a felony if the monetary expense or the business impact was extensive. You cannot afford to work with an inexperienced attorney. Our lawyers have practiced extensively in this area.

Drug Crimes

There are many times where law enforcement does not take the appropriate measures in your arrest and some or all of the evidence could be thrown out against you. Because of this, you may be able to gain an acquittal or reduction in charges.

Your case is unique, and our trial attorneys should review your evidence as soon as possible. Examples of drug cases include:

  • Drug trafficking
  • Drug possession
  • Drug manufacturing
  • Possession of a controlled substance

There are many different drug crime penalties depending on the type and the amount of drug involved in your case, whether that is cocaine, prescription pills, heroin or even marijuana.

Marijuana is one of the most common controlled substances that leads to criminal charges, and it is not legalized in our state, although it has been decriminalized in some cases. However, even a minor misdemeanor conviction of marijuana could lead to the loss of a driver’s license or the inability of a young person to secure student loans.

Theft Crimes

If a person alleges that you took property without authorization or you intend to permanently deprive a person of their property, you may face theft charges, even if the allegation is just based on one person’s statement to law enforcement and no other prevailing evidence. In Ohio, theft offenses are punishable by sentences that could increase dramatically depending on the amount of property alleged to be stolen and the felony level.

Examples of theft cases include:

  • Burglary
  • Theft by deception
  • Passing bad checks
  • Forgery
  • Shoplifting

Even if a crime was a misdemeanor, you could still face jail time or extensive community control sanctions. These charges require the knowledge and experience of a theft crime defense lawyer who has practiced extensively in this area.


If you face drunk or drugged driving allegations, you must retain the immediate representation of a trial lawyer. We know how to defend your rights and will exhaust all of our resources on your behalf. If you have been arrested for an OVI, you may face severe fines, suspension or revocation of your driver’s license, community control sanctions and jail time if convicted.

Often in these cases, an accusation may not be accurate or the police officers did not properly do their job. Law enforcement officers must have probable cause before they can stop someone on the road. Additionally, breath samples could be administered inaccurately by police officers or the breathalyzer may not have been properly calibrated before use. Similarly, a blood sample could be tampered or processed incorrectly. Call a trial lawyer at Kelley & Ferraro, LLP, immediately after getting an OVI, so they can discuss your options and fight for you.

Appellate Representation

It’s possible that you have already been sentenced to a term of prison, jail or other punitive outcomes at the trial level. These consequences could have a lasting impact on your freedom, your finances or your family. That doesn’t mean your case is complete.

Our team of skilled trial lawyers has analyzed appellate cases after the initial stages of the trial level are complete. Our attorneys have argued hundreds of cases at the appellate level. We will review the facts of your case and file an appellate motion on your behalf to fight the outcome of your case if it was unfavorable. We will then engage in an oral argument on your behalf at the appropriate appellate court to fight for you. It’s possible that prison sentences or other punitive outcomes can be reversed in your favor.

Juvenile Crimes

We completely understand how emotionally charged a criminal case involving children or teenagers can be. Facing criminal charges is frightening for anyone, let alone a child or teenager. As a parent, the worst possible thing to do is to take lightly a mistake that will negatively impact your child’s future. Juvenile criminal defense requires experienced criminal defense attorneys who have practiced and tried cases at the Juvenile Courthouse. We are dedicated to helping your child get the best outcome possible in what will be one of the most difficult circumstances in their life.

Juvenile crimes are treated much differently than adult crimes. Children can be charged directly by a municipality via a complaint. In certain instances, minors could be taken into custody by law enforcement and either be held in the detention center or released immediately back to their parents while awaiting formal charges. Even though juvenile courts prefer rehabilitation over punishment for minors for most criminal defenses, an experienced trial attorney is still vital.

Some minors could be sentenced to strict penalties that could negatively affect their college prospects or their future, held in confinement until their 21st birthday or tried as adults if the crime was severe.

Domestic Violence

Domestic abuse allegations are some of the most serious because they impact your fundamental freedoms. A conviction can prevent you from getting a house, working different jobs or accessing public assistance. They can even stop you from seeing your children, voting or owning firearms. All over an allegation that likely has gotten out of control and is overstated or blatantly wrong.

At Kelley & Ferraro, LLP, we understand how often cases boil down to one person’s word against the other, and we are vigorous about your rights.

Probation Violations

Being convicted of a crime is already a difficult and aggravating experience. After sentencing, you may have received community control sanctions and are on probation. If you have been charged with violating your probation, then there is the possibility that you will face more serious punishment. Your probation status may be rescinded, leading to a jail or prison sentence. The trial lawyers at Kelley & Ferraro, LLP, can represent you in your probation violation case and present a defense to the court that could lead to your charges being reduced or dismissed entirely, allowing you to avoid facing further penalties.

A person who is on probation must adhere to many responsibilities. Examples of failing to do so may include:

  • Committing a new crime
  • Not paying fines or restitution on the prior criminal case
  • Not completing community service as ordered
  • Failing a urinary analysis test
  • Not reporting or reporting late to your probation officer

Any one of these illegal acts could lead to a revocation of probation, longer time being supervised or harsher penalties.

Traffic Violations

It is important to make sure your license remains clear of any violations and the more you drive, the higher the probability of getting pulled over or getting a traffic ticket. If you get a ticket, sometimes the best course of action isn’t to just pay it right away to avoid a court date. If you do this, your insurance could significantly increase or your license can have points attached to it or even be revoked. We can help you with all moving and nonmoving violations by trying to reduce or dismiss charges. Examples of these include:

  • Speeding
  • Running a stop sign
  • Reckless driving
  • Not wearing a seat belt
  • And much more

Contact the experienced trial lawyers at Kelley & Ferraro, LLP, prior to paying any moving or non­moving traffic violation to analyze your options.


If you were arrested and convicted of a crime in the past, your criminal record may be costing you your ability to gain employment, buy a home, or apply for auto or college loans.

Fortunately, you have the option of expungement. This is the sealing of your criminal record and, if successful, will act as if you never were convicted in the first place. However, do not go at it alone because some criminal convictions are not allowed to be expunged by state law. Also, sometimes even if you meet the qualifications for expungement, a judge may refuse to seal your record. The experienced trial lawyers at Kelley & Ferraro, LLP, are available to assist you in this endeavor. Once an expungement has been achieved, you can leave out any mention of the crime in applications that ask for your criminal history.

Know Your Rights

Being pulled over by a police officer whether it be for a simple traffic violation or if you have been driving impaired can be an extremely stressful situation. Equally, if you are the subject of an investigation and the police wish to speak to you, you may feel obligated that you have to talk and answer their questions. That is simply not accurate.

  • You have the right to remain silent.
  • You have the right to an attorney.
  • Do be respectful and courteous. Do not give up your rights when you don’t have to.

Over 13 Years Of Experience With Every Criminal Case That Can Come Up

If you’re being investigated for or have been charged with a crime, our trial lawyers at Kelley & Ferraro, LLP, can provide the legal representation you need. We will use our experience and knowledge of this area of law and thoroughly analyze your case, develop a strategy to challenge the accusations and achieve the best result possible. Call us at 216-202-3450.