Basics of a mesothelioma case

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With many of our posts, we have discussed issues regarding mesothelioma myths and new treatment options. Through this post we want to educate our readers on the basic stages of legal action involving mesothelioma.

Initial contact – With every case, it is important to learn as much information as possible about you and your work history. This may include an extensive interview and getting signed authorizations to get copies of your medical records and employment history. We also explain the process of filing a lawsuit and pursuing legal remedies.

Drafting the complaint – We believe that thorough research is essential, and it helps us in drafting the complaint. We research and investigate all the companies who could be responsible for exposing you to toxic materials (while failing to warn you about their dangers). We then draft the complaint, which asks the court to order specific remedies under the law.

Discovery – We then secure all the information and evidence necessary to prove that the responsible companies are legally responsible for your injuries (or the death of your loved one). The discovery process may include depositions where you testify about your experiences as they relate to the case.

Settlements – Some companies may seek to resolve the case prior to it going to trial. Essentially, they will offer to settle the matter for the fair value of your injuries (or losses).

Trial – If no settlement is reached during (or after) discovery, the case will proceed to trial. We will present evidence on your behalf and explain to a jury how the companies named in the suit should be held responsible for your injuries.

If you have questions about how the process may work in your case, an experienced attorney can advise you.

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